July 14, 2024

Google is rolling out a feature that quickly closes tabs

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Google is rolling out a feature that quickly closes tabs
Google is rolling out a feature that quickly closes tabs

Have you ever opened a browser tab and needed to close it very quickly? If yes, then you know that this procedure is not as graceful as it should be, since there is no shortcut for it. Although you can close the browser using a shortcut, this does not happen with a specific Chrome tab.

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However, Google is improving the Chrome browser in order to solve this dilemma that many users are facing. The proposal came up in an online forum, with discussion among the developers.

If you middle-click (hover) a link, you can easily open the page in a new tab. However, to close a particular tab it is necessary to click the X and there is not much option to change that currently.

When will the new Chrome feature launch?

If you’re really nervous about being able to use the Novelty, especially in a business setting, keep calm. There is still no release date for the new Chrome functionality.

Development work to create a new functionality to close Chrome’s tab short has been posted on the Chromium Gerrit forum. It is possible to note that the shortcut proposed so far involves clicking twice with the mouse button, without selecting any part of the interface.

Changes still to be worked out

The feature was proposed by Ho Cheung and is being worked on along with four other developers. Inform the person in charge that they will still flag the ability to close tabs. This can be done through tweaks in Chrome’s configuration.

Although it’s something new for those using Google’s browser, the change is far from groundbreaking. After all, it is already in Microsoft’s browser, for example, Edge. In this browser, the user can close a specific tab with the middle mouse button.

It is important to note that the proposed change can only work on the desktop. For now, we have to wait to understand what state this story can get into.

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