March 31, 2023
Google is the big tech that tracks personal data the most;  Apple is the fifth |  apps

Google is the big tech that tracks personal data the most; Apple is the fifth | apps

a The Google and the big technology (the name given to the big tech companies) that tracks most of the users’ personal data. The data revealed on Monday (22) is from a study conducted by the specialized website, which analyzed the collection made by some of the world’s major tech giants. According to the research, Google will access about 39 types of information from each user – such as browsing history and emails sent through Gmail and videos watched on Youtube. The main objective of this, as it was revealed, will be to create personalized ads.

Google is the technology company that collects the most user data – Photo: Rodrigo Fernandes / TechTudo

The second place in the standings will go to Twitterwhich collects approximately 24 data from each user, followed by a file Amazonwith 23. Facebookin turn, up to 14 types of personal information, while An apple It appears last on the list, with 12. The survey didn’t specify what data is collected and stored by each of these big technologies, but it’s likely that most of it is information provided by the users themselves – like email address and name, for example.

The positive point about the apple giant is that in addition to being the one who collects the least information, An apple It also developed a function that reduces tracking done by third-party apps: Application tracking transparency. The feature, released in 2021, is part of the company’s anti-tracking policy and prevents apps from accessing your information without permission by sending pop up Alert users every time a new app is installed. But it is worth noting that for this to happen, it is necessary to select the option “Ask the application not to be tracked”, which appears on the screen when the application is opened for the first time.

The top five digital companies and how many data they collect from each user, according to a recent StockApps survey – Image: Reproduction/StockApps

Although they collect a good amount of data, companies usually do not do so without the user’s consent. This is because, when using a service, you must first agree to its terms of use. In these documents, companies – including Google – explain what information they have access to when you use their products, and by accepting, you consent to the collection. On the bright side, at the search giant, there are ways to reduce the amount of data stored about you.

In the The Googleit is possible, for example, to access Transparency pages per service – such as your browsing history for Chrome, for example – and delete information you don’t want to share. Purchase date from Gmail logs and views in Youtube They can also be deleted, as well as sites and searches performed on the platform. With this, the company will only have access to the data you choose to make available.

Also, if you want to erase everything containing a file The Google Know about you, step-by-step is also simple: just open the address “” (without quotes) in the browser and click “Delete activity by”, in the menu on the left of the screen. inside the department “Delete activity”Determine “every period” then tick “select all”. Confirm the action by clicking “next one”. Finally, select “delete” So that all activities are recorded on the account The Google can be erased.

While these steps are available, you should remember that the ideal solution is to pay attention to the privacy policies of each service you use. If you do not agree on any point, it is correct to look for alternative products. In the case of search engines, for example, there is a file DuckDuckGowhile in the case of Twitterit is possible to use mastodons. Also, if you do not want to keep your data shared with these platforms, a good option is to contact support and request the complete deletion of your account.

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