December 6, 2023
Google Play removes 14 dangerous apps;  Delete it now

Google Play removes 14 dangerous apps; Delete it now

Security always falls short in the networking world, as it is a practically “ownerless” place. However, the dangers that circulate on the Internet greatly affect people’s lives, and lack of monitoring is paradoxical. However, Google Play recently removed some apps Your platform to contain malware. Understand what this means with the information we gave you today.

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Data in the hands of third parties

A survey found that more than half (55%) of apps on the Google Play platform provide user data to third parties through so-called malware. However, over 200 million downloads had already been made before it was removed from the App Store.

What is malware?

For information, malware is any software designed to harm a computer, server, or computer network. This indirectly affects the user and is intentionally designed.

Otherwise, the software can cause unintended corruption due to some problems. As such, it is usually described as simply a software bug.

What apps were removed?

The company that specializes in cyber security reports that the following apps can perform some actions without a person noticing. For this purpose, these applications download a remote configuration when they are used for the first time, and with this, they start receiving information from hackers. See the list below:

  • high speed camera
  • smart task manager;
  • flashlight +;
  • K-Dictionary
  • Busan Bus.
  • QuickNote
  • currency converter;
  • Joe Code.
  • EzTip.
  • Instagram Profile Downloader
  • Ez Notes;
  • 손전등;
  • 계산기;
  • 달력 메모장.

What should I do?

With the problem identified and the appropriate action taken by Google, the above apps can no longer be downloaded. However, if you have previously installed it, the recommendation is to remove it from your device immediately.