May 28, 2023

Google requires users to delete the Meet app before using Meet

The request comes shortly after Search Giant consolidated some chat apps and “killed” others.

It is not new that Google has been “killing” some of its applications, which ultimately leads to confusion in the minds of many users.

Now, in another puzzling episode, the company is asking its users to uninstall the Meet app in order to use it properly, according to journalist Moncef Fengatel, from Reuters. I didn’t understand? We explain.

Some time ago, Google renamed the Hangouts app as Hangouts Meet or just Meet. Shortly thereafter, the company rebranded another app, this time Google Duo, which has also been renamed Meet.

With that authority, the company ended up allowing two versions of Google Meet to co-exist, which caused failures to launch for both apps. Many users have reported connection failures and errors when opening one of them.

For this reason, users who have both Meets installed on their smartphones should uninstall the newer version (formerly known as Duo), and just use the old Hangouts Meet app, or vice versa.

Old Duo and old Hangouts may both come pre-installed on some Android devices. However, either of the two apps can be installed freely, as long as there is only one app running on the cell phone.