May 28, 2023

Google will implement the Android feature in Chrome

According to Twitter user Leopeva64 (@leopeva64), Google Chrome will gain new and exciting features in updates that will be released soon.

According to information provided by the researcher on his Twitter account, the news is about “dynamic themes” to personalize the browser.

In short, as of these new updates, software users will no longer need to resort to third-party resources to change colors, fonts, and other elements of their browsers. Chrome itself will contain the customization tools.

Also, dynamic themes can automatically switch between dark and light mode, for example. Currently, this type of feature only appears in browser apps running on certain versions of Android.

Google Chrome has gotten better over time

The new feature that will be coming to Google Chrome users is just one of a series of new features that have been introduced in recent years.

Even the so-called dynamic themes are already celebrated by those who use Chrome’s dark theme, as this feature will allow browser characters to automatically adapt to the dark theme, making it easier to visualize.

And speaking of the dark theme, it was one of a series of new features implemented in Chrome between 2018 and 2020, when Android’s Material Design was integrated into the browser.

In addition to its Internet browser, Google is also improving other Google Workspace tools to promote better integration between the different tools in this suite.