Gorilla Glue says it’s “ very sorry to hear ” a woman from Louisiana who used spray adhesive as a hairspray.

This is a difficult situation everywhere.

Tessica Brown, 40-year-old Louisiana woman, spread out over the course of the past week after that She turns to her followers on social media To help get rid of “horsetail forever.” She had run out of hairspray while finalizing her look a few weeks ago, so she used Gorilla Spray Adhesive from Gorilla Glue, instead – now she can’t remove the artificial strength adhesive from her prime.

“My hair has been like this for about a month now. It’s not a choice. No, it’s not a choice,” she says in the video that was shown. Viewed 21 million times on TikTok, And about 3 million times on Instagram
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Over the past week. She revealed that she washed her hair 15 times, but the glue simply wouldn’t come off.

My hair is not moving. Do you hear what I’m saying to you? that. Do not. She adds “Move”. Subsequent posts showed she was trying to dilute it with a mixture of tea tree oil and coconut oil, which she described as an “epic failure,” as well as a trip to the emergency room at St. Bernard Parish Hospital in Chalmette, Los Angeles, which was also apparently unsuccessful.

Although she has not revealed any details about her hospital visit on her site – other than the tearful emoji – TMZ sources said She reportedly spent 22 hours in the emergency room. Health care workers tried to put acetone on the back of her head to break up the adhesive, according to the report, but that burned her scalp and only made the glue stick before it hardened again.

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Gorilla Glue initially responded to one of her Twitter videos by suggesting the use of warm water and rubbing alcohol to remove the adhesive, noting, “We do not recommend using our products on hair because they are considered permanent.” It Product page It is suggested to remove the dry glue by using “mechanical means”, such as scraping off the adhesive being careful not to damage the surface below. And her First aid instructions We recommend rinsing the gum from the skin using water, or calling poison control if swallowed. It also lists the emergency medical number at 800-420-7186.

More and more viewers, including Chance rapper, Became invested in Brown’s constant attempts to remove adhesive from her hair, Gorilla Glue followed a statement shared via the official TWTR Twitter,
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“We are very sorry to hear about the unfortunate accident that Miss Brown was subjected to using an adhesive spray on her hair,” the company says. It describes this as a “unique case,” and confirms that its product is not prescribed for use on hair, and that the label warns that this may happen in eyes, skin, or clothing.

“We are delighted to see in her last video that Miss Brown received medical treatment from her local medical facility, and we wish her the best,” added Gorilla Glue.

While some of the initial reactions were sarcastic or mocked about the situation, Brown’s struggle to save her scalp has sparked a flurry of sympathy and support, particularly among black women who came forward to describe the complex relationship they have with their hair. Society discriminates against natural and textile hairstyles. Essence writer Candice Benbow describes this in her column, Tessica Brown is not a “gorilla glue girl,” she is a black woman who deserves sympathy. That “many of us tortured our hair to comply.”

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Perhaps, it is all this history that has linked our hearts to the plight of Tesika. “We might never have used a synthetic product for hair styling purposes, but we did things for our hair and to ourselves that we wished we hadn’t used. We loved it because we know how it looks like to be judged by your biggest mistake.”

Sunny Hostin, co-host of “The View,” takes a similar view, and has shared several other followers in support of Brown as well.

The designer Beyoncé, Neil Farneh, has it too Offer her help and services via Instagram. “we [are] You won’t keep ripping it off. Let’s help her! ”He writes.“ When she leaves the hospital if she needs a wig or her scalp, I’m here for her. ”

TMZ Reports Brown has hired a lawyer and is studying her legal options. While the Gorilla Spray Adhesive label cautions against using it on eyes, skin or clothing, there is no mention of hair, with sources close to the situation saying that Brown’s hair is “misleading.”

a GoFundMe for fundraising Set up to cover her medical expenses also attracted $ 14,000 and the number is increasing.

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