February 6, 2023

Gospel singer accused of maintaining a pyramid scheme at MG

Published on 04/08/2022 21:07

The couple pride themselves on a luxurious life on social media, but opened a business in December with just R$50,000 in capital – (credit: @izacristyoficiall/Instagram/Reproduction)

middle Economic crisisThe financial market is an area that is attracting more and more attention in search of additional income or as an alternative to it The unemployment. With the promise of exorbitant profits, many people end up losing money. The final complaint in this context is against the gospel singer known as Isabella Christie.

Isabella Christie Gomez Barros, 28, owns ID Investimentos, along with husband David Robson de Barros, 33. On social media, the two present themselves as “traders” (something like financial market brokers) and take pride in their luxurious lives. But behind the scenes, they were accused of applying pyramid It harms people in different municipalities in the states of Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro.

These reports were revealed by a report issued by the US State Department Globo TV Minas Gerais Thursday night (4/7) developments were revealed throughout Friday (4/8). “It was an investment I was about to make in a house or apartment. I lost all my money. In this case, my sum alone was more than R$100,000. Putting my brothers, my mother and my family together, put my brothers, my mother and my family together,” said a man, who asked not to be identified. And putting it all together, he gives out more than 150 thousand Brazilian reais.

He reported that he was promised a 100% profit within 40 working days, but after the deadline, the payment was not made. For other people, the entrepreneurs promised profits of between 200% and 400%. Those who entered into the scheme were encouraged to refer other clients with the promise of receiving a reward for the resources invested by them, characteristic of the financial pyramid. This practice is prohibited in Brazil.

“I was receiving. A thousand R$, 1.8 thousand R$, 2,000 R$, 2.5 thousand R$. So I started lending credibility to ID Investimentos, and started contacting more people. Many said ‘this is a pyramid, I won’t get into it’, but after That showed my receipts. About 80 people came because he was working,” he told the news programme. MG 2Another unidentified victim.

The ID Investimentos website homepage promises to invest funds deposited by clients in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin
The ID Investimentos website homepage promises to invest funds deposited by clients in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin
(Photo: office.id-investimentos.com/Screenshot)

Buying and selling cryptocurrency and stock market

ID Investimentos homepage contains the quote from the homepage Cryptocurrency Existing, like the famous Bitcoin. In addition, it contains general texts that talk about the benefits of investing money in it Cryptocurrency and charts that promise “security”, “transparency” and “credibility” of transactions with the company.

However, the most attentive customer may notice that important general information is missing from the site. The Company Profile, Security, Results, and even Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page lead to empty destinations.

The mail I searched for the CNPJ associated with the name “ID Pay”, **. ***. *** / 0001-87 But the main activity of the code is technical support, hardware maintenance and other IT related services.

At no time does the company’s records speak of financial activities. It was registered in December 2021, times after the first reports of defaults by investor clients. In addition, the stated initial capital is R$50,000, which is a very modest amount compared to the luxurious life that the couple David and Isabella boast about on social media.

By the way, David is the one who appears on the record as the managing partner of the company. Meanwhile, the name Isabella appears only as a partner. Contrary to what is seen at larger investment agencies, contact emails from both ID Investimentos and ID Pay have no domain of their own. These are common accounts hosted on gmail and cell phones that are reported to call even a different area code.

On the ID Investimentos website, the number entered is +55 31 **** – 5472, while the contact number +55 21 **** – 2466 appears in the public record of ID Pay. The area code is indicated from Rio de Janeiro when the address registered by the company is a Chamber of Commerce in the Savassi neighborhood of Belo Horizonte.

Complaints on the Complaint Here

In addition to the cases reported to TV, the company has at least six complaints registered on the site. complaint here, which records consumer dissatisfaction throughout Brazil. They were all written anonymously on the platform. The more detailed report says that the couple were warned about the problems of receiving dividends in June 2021. Also according to the text, they would have made successive “excuses” for not paying the amounts and even promised to return the money invested.

One client goes on to say that after months of offering financial products, Isabella and David were informed that they still needed to open a CNPJ and organize the company. This will be the reason for the delay in payments. The script was written in December, the same month that ID Pay CNPJ was registered, but according to the complaint, the issue has not been resolved.

The statement also said that customers in WhatsApp groups have been forced not to file any kind of complaint, either online or to the civil police, under pain of non-compensation.

The payments will be made according to President David Barros in accordance with his interests and those of his wife, Isabella Christie. For this reason, I have come to this medium of communication, because the owners have prevented me from all forms of communication I have had, to protect myself from the potential threats of lawsuits I have already suffered from President Isabella Christie, and to inform potential new investors of this ID INVESTIMENTOS SOFTWARE PAY LTDA does not fulfill its obligations” , says one of the testimonials posted on Reclame Aqui.

The reports were published four months ago and the platform has not recorded any response or attempt to contact ID Investe with clients.

Civil police investigate the case and ask victims to report

Some of the company’s clients filed a police report. The Civil Police of Minas Gerais has published a note stating that there is an open investigation in the city of Lagoa Santa, Belo Horizonte metropolitan region, against Isabella. The text does not say whether David is being investigated either. “PCMG advises all victims of embezzlement to seek out a police unit to record the incident and file a statement,” the statement read.

Defendant’s position:

The mail Tried calling Isabella all day Friday (4/8). Through the phone number that she gave herself to the reporting team, we received a message that the defense of the businesswoman and gospel singer will be dispatched soon. However, nothing has been received until the publication of this text.

Through social networks, it has released information from former employees, such as audios and WhatsApp chats, and says it was stolen by a former manager. Isabella also claims that she and her husband have been targeted by a smear campaign, as well as displaying fingerprints of messages of support.

In one of the audio recordings released by the accused on the profile she keeps on Instagram, a man identifying himself as Isabella’s lawyer said she could say she was unaware of the complaints, as she was not notified following a civil police investigation. We reiterate that space remains open for any official defense of the suspect and her husband.