October 3, 2023
Government changes MEI rules to increase security against fraud

Government changes MEI rules to increase security against fraud

who wants to have CNPJ or work as a sole proprietorship (MEI) Pay attention to the official rules set by the federal government. In this case, to ensure that your company is regulated, the entrepreneur must have an account Gov.br silver or gold level.

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The idea is that it acts as confirmation of the identity of the employer. As Sebra explained, performing cadastral, recording, and formalization services, for example, would only be possible through gov.br . account which fall into the silver or gold categories.

“This measure was created by the government to increase the security of individual small business owners. In the past, many companies were charging for a free service, and this could lead to fraud. With the new proposal, MEI itself assumes control of its data and CNPJ without the need for third parties Third, explains Eduardo de Castro, an analyst at Sebrae Rio.

Silver and Bronze Levels

For those who do not know, the Gov.br account is an identification that proves by digital means who is using the government system or service. In general, it has three levels of security, namely:

  • Bronze level: Gain access to less sensitive digital services;
  • Silver level: Gain access to many digital services;
  • Gold level: Get access to any digital service, without access restrictions.

To increase the security level of the account, the user just needs to go up from the bronze level by performing some simple verification procedures.

Advantages of business formalization

By becoming an MEI, the entrepreneur has access to tax and Social Security benefits, and easy access to differentiated credits.

In addition, MEI is part of Simples Nacional, being exempt from federal tax collection, such as income tax, Cofins, PIS, IPI, and CSLL. To become an MEI, an entrepreneur can earn up to R$81 thousand annually.