July 18, 2024

Government prepares economic recovery package right after Carnival, says Guedes

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In an interview with Jovem Pan’s website, shortly before his participation in the Direct to the Point programme, the minister said that he would renew credit programs for companies and that they would have up to three novelties that Bolsonaro would analyze.

Bruno Rocha / Estadao . contentThe minister again criticized the amendment requests, saying that the increases bring risks to control inflation

a Federal government He said it was scheduled “immediately” after the carnival to launch a series of measures to resume economic activities. Paulo GeddesThe Minister of Economy on the website pan youth This Monday, 21, shortly before his participation in the program straight to the point. The package includes a credit distribution of R$100 billion to Individual Small Entrepreneurs (MEI), in addition to small and medium entrepreneurs, The head of the economic team also presented a lunch with businessmen last week. The proposal is to make a new version of the National Micro and Small Business Support Program (Pronampe) and the Emergency Credit Access Program (PEAC), which the CEO is using to maintain the business environment amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. “It is the first Brazilian economic recovery in which 48% of credit went specifically to small and medium-sized businesses. [empresários]. “We will renew these credit programs, they have been very important to the recovery,” the minister said.

As described on the site pan youth in December, The government is preparing a program for people with a negative name in SPC and Serasa. next to distributing Brazil Aid With installments of at least R$400, the new microcredit measure should be one of the big bets on an economic agenda designed to boost the economy. According to Geddes, the president is set to announce three more new measures next week, all focused on the recovery of the people most affected by the effects of the health crisis. Brazil was a very responsible country, it sharply reduced its deficit and recovered both from a financial and monetary point of view. It has been a country that has been able to smoothly withdraw stimulus as the economy returns.” The measures should have little effect on public accounts. “We have some room to implement meticulously some support measures which do not have a significant fiscal and monetary impact, but do favor some outbreaks,” he said. Especially those who suffered during the epidemic.

The economy minister stressed his criticism of readjustment requests by federal employees, saying the increases conflict with government efforts to contain the economy’s progress. economic inflation. “If there is a rise in salary adjustments, it could be very harmful to Brazil,” he said. The struggle for readjustment began at the end of 2021. Unlike the economic team, Jair Bolsonaro (PL) has requested a reserve of R$1.7 billion in the 2022 budget for a potential salary increase for the Federal Highway Police (PRF), Federal Police (PF) and prison officers. The categories were claimed through the Minister of Justice and Public Security, Anderson Torres. “What I said to them was, ‘If you really want the president to be re-elected,’ he said, ‘you shouldn’t use that closeness to ask for amendments.’” The closer they get to the president, and the more they wish the president well, they should put off these requests for amendments a little bit.”

The signal sparked a series of claims from other classes, such as members of the Federal Revenue Service and the Central Bank (BC). The president indicated again on Monday that he could grant increases to public security personnel and asked to “understand” other categories. “Some categories, or rather all categories deserve recognition. And what we strive to do,” he said during an event attended by members of the PRF Everyone we can save in the foreground. According to Guedes, as a way to satisfy all categories, R$1.7 billion can also be used to increase food vouchers in a way General.He says that the decision will be taken by the president.

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