October 3, 2023
Government sets up 'task force' to monitor fuel cuts

Government sets up ‘task force’ to monitor fuel cuts

A Provisional Measure (MP) is set up by the federal government to ensure that end consumers receive their tax credits fuel prices.

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In this sense, the new text will specify that legal entities involved in the production, import, distribution, and resale fuel Pass the discounts to the Brazilians. The examination of compliance with this measure will be under the leadership of the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP).

Complementary Law No. 194, which was recently enacted, ICMS is limited to 17% on gasoline, diesel and other items such as electricity, public transport and communications. Two Brazilian states have already joined the tax cut, São Paulo and Goiás.


According to the new text, a kind of “staff” will be created with the following commands to monitor compliance with the procedure. It will include representatives:

  • From the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP);
  • From the National Consumer Secretariat of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security;
  • From the Special Secretariat of the Federal Revenue of Brazil of the Ministry of Economy;
  • From the Administrative Council for Economic Defense. bodies that are part of the national consumer defense system; And the
  • Of the bodies that are part of the Brazilian system of defense of competition.

The new MP rules will allow inspection agents to request the use of the police force to ensure compliance with the transfer process to consumers. The National Ports Agency may request the authorities to waive the tax burden, in addition to the tax documents issued by or assigned to the violator.

pay the fine

The penalty for those who fail to pass the amount equivalent to the exemption will be a fine of between R$20,000 and R$5 million. In addition, violators may also be subject to other penalties, namely:

  • temporary, total or partial suspension of the facility or installation;
  • withdrawal of permission to carry out the activity; And the
  • Deletion of the registration of a facility or facility.