October 1, 2022
GPU prices hit 15-month lows

GPU prices hit 15-month lows

There is little left to normalize the price of video cards

Video cards are getting cheaper, that’s cool. Although it’s still well above the manufacturer’s suggested price (MSRP), the item most desired by PC gamers is getting closer and closer to getting its prices back to normal. New report from German site 3DCenter reveal it video cards My God And the nvidia 25% higher than ideal value and high availability.

Of course we are talking about Europe, specifically Germany and Austria in this case. But even here, which takes a long time for the reversal to occur, it is already possible to see that this is happening. It is no longer difficult to see a file nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 less than 3 thousand Brazilian riyals, It differs from more than 3300 BRL when it was launched, For example. Even with the lower prices, the situation here is still far from ideal.

3DCenter has been showing this whole situation in video card prices since the boom when the pandemic started. In May of last year, prices were inflated by a ridiculous 318% among NVIDIA models and 218% with AMD GPUs. Also, the price of Ethereum has gone up, while the availability has gone down.

In contrast to this chaotic moment, Ethereum, which has the hardware needed to mine as a video card, has now gone down in value, and the price of the cards has started to drop and their availability has increased a lot. There is another factor that has helped make video cards more expensive. The hardware industry experienced a serious shortage of raw materials for manufacturing, which affected video cards, among other parts.

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According to tech radar. But one of the largest retailers in this field in Europe, the website box.co.ukFrom May, he said, prices should become more “attractive”. “Between the end of April and the beginning of May, we should start seeing things return to a more attractive price point,” the store representative said.

However, it remains to be seen when these price drops will be reflected here, but in a noticeable way. Despite the global crisis, Brazil always has its own crisis.


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