December 2, 2022
Grazi Massafera complains about no contacts to flirt with

Grazi Massafera complains about no contacts to flirt with

Grazie Massafra, 40, lamented not having “contatinhos” to be able to flirt with at this single stage in her life. The actress complained that she was “disturbed” by the situation.

“I guess I’m feeling a little uncomfortable now. I might be wrong in what I’m going to say, but it seems to cause a certain fear, a dread (of men) to get close. I’m just a woman. I feel a little weird there. People think I’m full of little things”, I felt sad while A conversation with Jojo Todynho on “Jojo half 9”, on the Multishow YouTube channel.

On the show, Grazie joked that she’s posting a “sextou” photo, but only her friends respond. “I think that’s really cool, but nothing comes along.”

Next, the actress breathed on how men feel increasingly influenced by female power, which can cause them to feel insecure.

I think we have so much of our femininity and strength. And men began to reconsider their place in the masculine. This should cause some insecurity. Because everything that is new and modern reasons. It’s an amazing process that’s happening.

“Right now, I think they’re wondering where they belong and how they stand up to this new woman who cares,” she added.

In the chat, Grazi talked in detail about sex and what she’s like in a moment for two. “It’s more brutal. It’s plucking hair, slapping the butt,” she joked, referring to Song “Tapão na Raba” by Ray Saya Rodada.

In sex, the actress hung already pretending Orgasm, but later learned to be honest with the partner. “I wanted to break up, I faked it once. I’ve already learned, to be quite frank. But I did, I can’t say no. I don’t do it anymore, but I already did,” she said, nervous at her smell and tone of voice.

Still on the topic of sex, she claimed to have had sex on a plane. “I think the feeling of being banned is great,” she said. The actress also stated that every time a guy is bullied by her and Grazy needs to “come to life”. “It deals with the unreality. It creates a projection that you create with someone else.”

When talking about sex directly, Grazie wasn’t always self-confident at the moment, she recalled a period when self-esteem affected pleasure.

I was ashamed of my body. I was ashamed of my body. To self-esteem and the things I heard from men talking. When they want to be tough, they are. Once I was in a relationship where I was completely sexual I think that upset the person. He started finding Places and flaws in me and in my body to try to undermine my self-esteem a little bit, so that I could be controllable. And I was a country girl…She said after I came to live here I became even more naughty.”

The actress also said that she likes to take the lead while flirting. “I like to arrive. There are no rules. It depends. But I usually like it. But I also like it (when they arrive) … It’s good for ego, for vanity.”

In response to a question from Jojo if she feels any pressure to “be hot all the time,” Grazie commented:

“I don’t appreciate this pressure, but it is there. I have a genetic privilege that helps me a lot. I love physical exercise. Then there is the problem of age, which adds to aesthetics in another way. I try to tolerate these pressures I work in advertising and beauty. I make money from it. No I can be a hypocrite. I like to be beautiful, it’s my ego.”

However, the actress emphasized that she wants to match her age in terms of how she looks. “As an actress, psychologically and as a woman. Because we open doors for other women to accept aging. There are advanced beauty products and technology. Are we going to use them? To be aesthetic at an age they don’t have,” he continued.