March 30, 2023

Great news for those who want a NUBANK credit card

Nubank is one of the most sought after credit cards in the country. It turns out that the tool has many advantages, such as the absence of an annual salary, for example.

It is one of the most requested credit cards in the country nubank. It turns out that the tool has many advantages, such as the absence of an annual salary, for example. However, to obtain it, the client must meet certain requirements.

How does the Nubank credit card work?

At the outset, it is important to note that there is no fee for using the card, the only exceptions being the use of Nubank Rewards, which is the points and rewards program of nubank and the overdue bill.

Check out the terms of the tool below:

  • Credit interest: 2.75% to 14% per month;
  • Bill installment interest: 0.99% to 13.75% per month;
  • Interest on arrears: 1.99% to 15% per month + arrears 1% per month;
  • Late fee: 2% of the outstanding amount;
  • Personal loan: from 0.95% per month;
  • Interest on credit card withdrawals: 9.75% per month.

With regard to the benefits of the card, we mention:

  • installment purchases on credit;
  • expectation of purchases in installments with the right to receive a discount on the final amount;
  • 24-hour service via the app for Android and iOS;
  • Limit increase also through the application;
  • Create a virtual card
  • Mobile phone recharge
  • Contactless payment
  • Among other benefits.

How do I apply for a Nubank credit card?

before applying for a credit card nubankThe customer must verify that he complies with the requirements required by the bank, which are:

  • be 18 years of age or older;
  • lives in Brazil;
  • You have an Android or iOS smartphone.

Checking these criteria, you only need to request the tool through the browser or through the application. See the following step by step:

browser request

  1. Enter the address: “” (without quotes) in the browser’s search tab;
  2. Enter your CPF number and click “Continue”;
  3. Enter your full name and email;
  4. Decide if you want credit card only or with NuConta;
  5. Check the box that agrees to the company’s privacy policy;
  6. Finish by clicking Submit.

application request

  1. Install the app on your Android or iOS phone;
  2. Once on the platform, click “Start”;
  3. Enter your personal data (Name, CPF, Email) and go to “Continue”;
  4. After filling in all the data, click “Accept and Continue” to agree to the company’s privacy policy.

How to open a Nubank credit card?

After the physical card arrives at your home, access the Nubank app and follow these steps:

  1. login with your registered data;
  2. On the main screen, on the tab that says card status, click “I received the card”;
  3. With the tool in hand, enter the last four digits on the back of the card into the field requested by the app;
  4. Well, now just wait for it to unlock.

See what success is online: