December 5, 2022
Great Shows How do you fear the behavior of the “moral police” in Iran |  Nice

Great Shows How do you fear the behavior of the “moral police” in Iran | Nice

There are already more than Three weeks of protests In the Will – which has spread all over the world. Last Wednesday (5), several actresses published videos in support of Iranian women. They include Academy Award winners Juliette Binoche and Marion Cotillard, as well as France’s Isabelle Hubert, Charlotte Ginsburg and Isabelle Adjani. English actress Charlotte Rampling and Italian singer and model Carla Bruni also showed solidarity.

The The European Parliament demonstration has arrived. a Nice He explains why these women decided to protest by cutting their hair and explains how the dreaded ‘morality police’ work WillWho suppresses less or more dependent on the government. The former, in the Iranian context, was more moderate. The current is very conservative.

The pressure is great. Amnesty International called for an investigation to be opened into the allegations of torture. Human Rights Watch called for the “repeal of the law requiring the wearing of the veil.” The United Nations has received “several verified videos of violent treatment of women”. The Iranian regime responded as it has with other recent uprisings: bloodshed on the streets and the Internet.

Two weeks ago, in WillAnd the whsa amini She was walking with her father and brother when she was stopped by the Morality Police. The policemen had a problem with the headscarf, and said it was ill-fitting on the head. The brother explained that the family was not from Tehran and was not familiar with local traditions. But there was no talk: the so-called anti-addiction unit announced a punishment: “a re-education hour.”

The family says that the police beat her hands and feet with a truncheon and threw an amino sensor into the car. The beating continued until she passed out. The 22-year-old spent three days in a coma and died. The authorities announced that Death was due to ill health Which I’m supposed to already have. The family said they heard it from the doctor’s mouth It was a fatal blow to the head.

That was the last straw: Millions of Iranian women of all ages took to the streets. It started in the northwest city of Mahsa, and the rage reached the north, center and south. And more than 80 cities heard the cry of “Woman, Life, Freedom.”

But this was no ordinary protest. Those who were forced to leave their locks defied the system, and threw their hair to the wind; They made bonfires with the base. Even those who love the hijab have made it clear that they prefer the hijab to be an option. Demonstrations spread widely Will.

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