December 2, 2022
Grêmio beats Brusque 3-0 and says goodbye to Série B as vice

Grêmio beats Brusque 3-0 and says goodbye to Série B as vice

a Syndicate Farewell to a tournament he hopes to never play again. Today (3), Tricolor defeated Brusque, 3-0, in the final round of siri b, with two goals from Guilherme and Gabriel Silva twice. The result confirmed the second place in the competition.

The gaucho team had already gained access and entered the field just to complete the table. She won without difficulties against Team Santa Catarina, who had already confirmed his relegation to Series C. The win lifted Renato Gaucho’s men to 65 points and secured runners-up. Brusque, with 34 points, could finish second to last, depending on the round’s completion.

The end of the season means vacation for both teams and the next commitments are scheduled for 2023.

All went well: Guilherme scored the first goal

In the final game of the season, Guilherme achieved something he had been looking for: his first goal with Grêmio. After dodging a sign, he bumped into Jordan’s corner and went out to celebrate.

Sorry: Bara took it very seriously

Barra was probably the only player on the field who took the game seriously. The winger made difficult saves and got a yellow card and could have been sent off after a foul on Diogo Barbosa.

Gabriel Silva misses a great goal but makes two

Gabriel Silva had already scored at the end of the first half when he had a great opportunity. Campaz was released, dribbling inside the area and only rolling to his teammate who freely entered and came face-to-face with goalkeeper Prusk. But he missed the ball and threw it. After he regretted a lot, he had another chance and scored a great goal. Dominate the opponent, dribble him and kick into the corner.

warm duel

Neither team scored any goals in the match. Grêmio secured his entry into the Serie A and Brusque had already been relegated. The result of this equation was a lukewarm game without much emotion from the start.

Gremio: massive and absolute domination

As much as they didn’t have big goals in the match, Grêmio had to say goodbye to the fans. Therefore, it cannot be dominated by the competitor. And he didn’t even come close. On the contrary, it was absolute and went against Brusque. Without difficulties, he opened the scoring, widened and followed his wide lead until the final whistle, which was celebrated by the “farewell” of the second division.

Prosc game: only table completion

Brusque could not play. Unmotivated by relegation, Santa Catarina had nothing to do with the ball and was limited to following the Grêmio game. He ran a little, tried as hard as he could, but showed the weaknesses that accompanied him throughout the second division and led to his early relegation.

data sheet:
GRÊMIO 3 x 0 Brusky
: 03/11/2022 (Thursday)
place: Arena do Gremio in Porto Alegre (RS).
Rule: Rodrigo Jose Pereira de Lima (PE)
helpers: Francisco Chaves Bezerra and Carla Renata Cavalcante de Santana (both from PE)
VAR: Adriano de Assis Miranda (SP)
yellow cards: Barra, Lucas; Barbosa, Sandro (BRU); Gabriel Silva (GRE)
Objectives: Guilherme, from Grêmio, in the 19th minute of the first half. Gabriel Silva, from Gremio, in the 48th minute of the first half and in the 29th minute of the second half;

Syndicate: Adriel. Leonardo Gomez, Bruno Alves, Kahneman and Diogo Barbosa; Lucas Leyva (Emerson), Vilasanti (Lucas Silva) and Betillo (Tiago Santos); Gabriel Silva, Campaz (Pedro Lucas) and Guilherme (Gunderson). Technical: Renato Gaucho.

Prosk: Jordan; Barra (Edelson), Lucas Barbosa, Sandro and Alex Rowan; Rodolfo, Balotelli (Felipe Manuel), Luiz Antonio and Gelson (Paulo Baia); Fernandinho (Neto) and Patrick (Mascot). Technical: Gilson Klein.