October 3, 2023
Grêmio: São Paulo wants Ferreira and the businessman talks about conditions in Grêmio

Grêmio: São Paulo wants Ferreira and the businessman talks about conditions in Grêmio


The striker, who is very much appreciated in the transfer market, has received proposals to change his side, including the Sao Paulo team.

Photo: Fernando Alves/Agive - Ferrera's market value.
Photo: Fernando Alves/Agive – Ferrera’s market value.

the Syndicate It is undergoing a radical overhaul, confirming the departure of a number of players who were in their plans in 2021, but they are not considered within the level required for the second division dispute next season. The team led by Wagner Mancini knows that many changes will occur until the start of the access competition.

Having bid farewell to many medals, such as Diego Souza, Rafinha, Bruno Cortez and Victor Ferraz, among others, some youngsters are also going through a moment of uncertainty, not knowing where they will act next year. Among those causing the biggest fallout is Ferreira, who is considered one of the better quality players in the current squad.

In contact with businessman journalist Jorge Nicola good pabloThe person in charge of the interests of the young man confirmed that the São Paulo authority had recently made a search, and was interested in hiring him. although, The agent maintains that he always maintains the clubs’ alert attitude to contact Grêmio directly.

“I was looking for people from São Paulo, but I always say that anyone interested in Ferreira should speak to Grêmio’s management. If they understand that it is better to sell Ferreira, we will start negotiating our stake. Whenever there is a request, I always ask them to speak to Grêmio management first.Bueno announced, who added:

“This fine of €8 million, has been renewed again, and we believe that for the value of the salary offered, it was an appropriate fine.. Everyone knows that today [Ferreirinha] Worth more, he is the most valuable player in Grêmio. Therefore, Grêmio’s management will hardly accept less than 8 million euros”, I finish.