June 26, 2022
Grizzlies run over Warriors, about to take second place in the West |  NBA

Grizzlies run over Warriors, about to take second place in the West | NBA

The Memphis Grizzlies are one step closer to achieving the second-best record in the Western Conference and the NBA. On Monday night, at home, the team ran over their direct opponent, the Golden State Warriors, 123 to 95. The main stars weren’t on the field due to injuries (Ja Morant, Garen Jackson Jr. and Stephen Curry) or rest (Klay Thompson and Draymond Green).

Thus, the names of the match are Desmond Bani (22 points), Dillon Brooks (21) and Diantoni Melton (21). On the other hand, Jordan Ball scored 25 points, and juniors Moses Moody (18) and Jonathan Kominga (15) played their roles. But that’s it. The Grizzlies have 53 wins and 23 losses versus 48-28 for Golden State. There are six matches left for each.

Dillon Brooks has a big game against the Warriors – Photo: Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

After a well-balanced first quarter, the home team broke through in the second half and never looked back. She even opened 37 advantage points and finished with 28 after slowing down in the second half. The team has won 9 of their last 10 matches, even without their main star Morant, in 6 of them. Memphis’ next challenge will be against Tottenham in San Antonio on Wednesday.

The Warrriors have won only one of their last 7 fights since Stephen Curry was injured against the Celtics. The team is going down a ramp and now fighting to maintain the lead of the field in the first round of the playoffs. The Dallas Mavericks are only 1.5 behind. Golden State now faces the best team in the NBA, the Phoenix Suns, on Wednesday in San Francisco.

Desmond Bunny (22 points, 5 baskets of three)
Dillon Brooks 21 points
DeAnthony Melton (21 points, 6 reese, 5 baskets of three)

the Warriors
Jordan Paul (25 points, 5 res)
Moses Moody (18 points)
Jonathan Cominga (15 points, 7 res, 4 sets)
Andrew Wiggins (10 points, 6 reps)

Ja Morant (knee)
Garen Jackson Jr (thigh)

the Warriors
Stephen Curry (foot)
Klay Thompson (the rest)
Draymond Green (the rest)
Otto Porter (column)

A breadwinner expresses his frustration over Stephen Curry’s injury caused by Marcus Smart – Photo: Justin Ford/Getty Images

26- Masoud
Warriors 18

Second Chance Points
18- Masoud
8 . warriors

Transfer points
24- Masoud
warriors 9

field shots
Grizzlies 43/92 (46.7%)
Warriors 33/91 (40.7%)

three shots
Grizzlies 12/30 (40%)
Warriors 9/29 (31%)

free throws
Grizzlies 25/35 (71.4%)
Warriors 20/26 (76.9%)

Scoring chart – Photo: NBA

First period – Grizzlies 20 to 16: The home team started better in the game in transition (7 to 0), and although no player exceeded 5 points, they scored 7. The low score showed Golden State’s difficulty on the offensive side without Curry and Klay Thompson. Ocean usage was only 1 out of 9.

Second period – Grizzlies from 43 to 21Dillon Brooks scored 15 points in the break after passing the first half empty. Memphis led to decline. The warriors had no response to defend or attack. On top of that, coach Steve Kerr made the second technical foul and was sent off en route to the end of the first half. It didn’t feel like a Golden State night. Score from 63 to 37 at rest.

Third Period – Grizzlies 32 to 30: The Warriors tied the game in the third quarter, but the lead is up to 30, and finished the period at 28. Jordan Bowl already had 23 points, but the rest of the Golden State players didn’t make it past 11. On the other hand, Brooks had 6, a total of 21 and led the team. Score from 95 to 67.

Fourth period – tie at 28: With the game already resolved, both teams were able to rest their holders and consider the next duel. The Grizzlies take a decisive step to secure second place in the West and in the NBA, just behind the Phoenix Suns. The Warriors are still in disrepair without Carrie.

03/30 – Tottenham (away)
01/04 – Suns (house)
05/04 – Jazz (Outside)

the Warriors
03/30 – Suns (house)
04/02 – Jazz (house)
04/03 – Kings (out)

  • Charlotte Hornets 109
  • Cleveland Cavaliers 107
    Orlando Magic 101
  • Indiana Pacers 123
    Atlanta Hawks 132
  • Miami Heat 123
    100- Masoud
  • New York Knicks 109
    Chicago Bulls 104
  • Toronto Raptors 115 (overtime)
  • Houston Rockets 100
    San Antonio Spurs 123
  • 131
    Oklahoma City Thunder 134 (overtime)