January 31, 2023
Does the paid version of WhatsApp charge for sending messages?

Group admins will be able to delete messages

a The WhatsApp It seems that he wants to make application groups professional tools with a prominent role of administrators. Previously, these people had very little power in their hands and were limited to only adding and deleting participants. However, there is evidence that administrators will be able to exclude messages from group chats.

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Administrators will be able to delete group messages on WhatsApp

Today, only users who send messages can delete them. With the change, the people who manage and manage the content of the conversations will have this amazing power in their hands.

According to information from the specialized portal WABetaInfo, a message will be displayed as a warning. In this case, after the adm deletes the message or file, a notification will appear that the content has been deleted by a decision of moderators.

In this way, it will be easier to filter and control the type of message and file people share within groups The WhatsApp. After all, everyone was involved in some conversation where someone could end up sending an uncomfortable or even inappropriate message, completely out of context.

Grandma can also be a hand in the wheel for users who have sent a file by mistake. Because the administrator can delete this transmission and ensure more privacy for the sender.

When will the feature be active within groups?

According to WABetaInfo, the novelty is in the testing phase within WhatsApp for Android and for iOS. There is no official release forecast for the entire database. That is, for testing, it is necessary to be under the beta version of the messenger.

The same site reports that WhatsApp is also testing the function of controlling the entry of new members into chats. Administrators will also have this extra power within groups.

Apparently, chatting in groups in the app should become more organized and bureaucratic.