February 2, 2023

Group B holds its year-end meeting in Morro da Rocinha

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Group B holds its year-end meeting in Morro da Rocinha

Claiming the laurels of victory in “A Fazenda 14”, Group B continues to create a lot of buzz on social networks. Proving that it wasn’t just a de facto alliance, the allies showed that they continue to enjoy post-farm together. Part of Group B on Monday (26) held a large meeting in a restaurant located in Rocinha Hill, in Rio de Janeiro.

Champions Barbara Borges, Deborah Albuquerque, Pele Melfellows and Andre Marinho were together for a review. Farmhands on vacation for the year-end festivities in Rio de Janeiro and sharing moments of the team, now out of reality, with their followers on social networks.

Immediately, Babi explains that not all members of Group B can come, because they haven’t arrived in Rio yet, but they will be there soon. “Keer in Fortaleza, Shay in Jerry and Alex in Aracaju,” explained the winner from the rural reality. As for Iran Malfitano, the artist stated that she will arrive “tomorrow” to join the team.

One existence that netizens have been waiting for is strawberry shortcake. The dancer caused quite a stir on the web when she spent Christmas with Deborah Albuquerque. However, Papi stated that she and Naldo are in Minas Gerais.

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