December 8, 2022

Grupo The Football is the favorite, he has a proposal on the table, he’s happy and could be the SAF controller at Atlético

You will read in the text – the name of the favorite; Learn about the proposal. current modeling conditions; the future and how your rooster can pay the bills; Possible contributions of the Sudanese armed forces.

Written by: Betinho Marques

It is well known that SAF de Gallo is methodically progressing towards a result. At the moment, the club has three groups that are more involved in the process, but so far the name Best favorite was not known.

Recently, Fenway and even a PSG investor grew up, but it was all platonic love, that is, unrequited love. Until Thursday evening (26), according to the journalist Luis Felipe Costa, From Portal Deus me Dibre, a real name appeared for the first time, and football companyLed by Peter Greve.

Gref bought a Zimbabwean football team in 2009, Bantu Robers and managed it until 2017. During that time, Club Africain played in the First Division for four seasons and their best position was ninth.

suggestion on the table

As found by FG, the football company He has already put a proposal on the table, and Atlético is very happy. Despite this, the modeling process continues and Galo is still open to new proposals, and there may be changes to the scenario.

Conditions and Modeling

As posted last week by Itatiaia, through journalists Henrique Andre and Claudio Rezende It was confirmed by FG ​​that the values ​​of SAF do Galo would be around R$1 billion in its first moment.

In modeling, Atlético will have the following perspective:

1 – between 50 and 60% for the observer, with about 850 million Brazilian riyals.

2 – About 10% for supporters to convert credits from contributions (loans) into shares with a total of about 150 million Brazilian riyals.

3 – Between 30 and 40% will be retained in the league, with the exception of initially CT do Galo and MRV Arena.

How will the future be and pay the bills

In an educational only way, with rounded and even coarse numbers, one of the club’s possibilities is:

1 – Deduction of 400 million Brazilian reais from burdensome debts (banks and financial institutions) with funds from Shopping Diamond Mall from the total liabilities, which total about 1.4 billion Brazilian reais.

2 – From there, Gallo’s debt will be about R$1 billion, distributed over:

a) 300 million Rls of equivalent taxes and should not be paid in advance, because the interest is low.

b) 200 million Rls remaining in onerous debts (banks and financial institutions).

c) R$ 500 million related to other debts: the acquisition of athletes, debts with agents and various residual debts.

Given the above, Atletico probably won’t pay taxes up front, Letter A of this itembut will remove Beck MessagesThat is, it will pay the rest of the burdensome debts that are not covered by the mall and will also pay the debts owed to the athletes, agents and other debts.

Opportunities for SAF to contribute to football

Given that SAF will be sold for R$1 billion, let’s summarize the idea:

– Possibly R$150 million in credits converted into fan club shares (R’s);

– The observer will contribute 850 million Brazilian riyals, that is, the calculation of the remainder of the football will start here.

But, if the residual debt, which will be paid in the design of the SAF, which is the model desired by the present principals, is more or less, the calculation will be:

1. Observer = 850 million Brazilian real.
2. The debt to be paid immediately = about 700 million Brazilian riyals.
3. Initial investment balance in football = 150 million Brazilian Real – It is essential to know how much of this amount will be contributed for each season and when there will be new contributions or new investments.

As reported extensively by FalaGalo, the potential for SAF advances increases every day. However, the end of the Brazilian League and the advent of the World Cup interfere in the assessment of the subject in the face of priorities and the scarcity of dates. The name of the winning investor’s fund should be decided later this year, but the board of directors may be considered in early 2023. football company He is ahead, as he pleases, but the possibilities have not yet been exhausted.

Observation: The numbers on Atlético’s debt have been rounded up, for the sake of understanding, educationally. More so, without knowing the current financial documents and their development, the analysis and figures presented in the text are formulations of research that may be inaccurate, but serve as a guide to the fate of the club and how the current destination of the club’s resources. Believes. SAF cock.

Note 2: There is no uniform or absolute truth in the process, and there are many possibilities and information being exchanged. Therefore, the following FalaGalo content could add or ignore situations, following the evolutionary flow of Sociedade Anônima do Futebol that Atlético did not close, let alone sell.