September 21, 2023
Guedes will travel to meetings in the United States next week during the campaign's final stretch, according to Reuters

Guedes will travel to meetings in the United States next week during the campaign’s final stretch, according to Reuters

© Reuters. Economy Minister Paulo Guedes addresses a Senate panel in Brasilia 03/27/2019 REUTERS/Ueslei Marcelino

By Bernardo Carum

BRASILIA (Reuters) – Economy Minister Paulo Guedez is leaving the country next week to pursue an agenda in the United States, amid a scramble for votes for President Jair Bolsonaro’s run-off election.

The minister will attend the annual meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington.

The event will last for a week from October 10 to 16. The second phase of the election will be held on the 30th of this month.

The Ministry of Economy confirmed that Guedes will participate in the meetings foreseen in the calendar of the World Bank, IMF and G20 finance ministers. The folder mentions that the details of the pledges will be released only the previous day.

Weeks ahead of the first round of elections, Gutés began voting for Bolsonaro’s re-election, buoyed by positive economic data amid measures adopted by the government this election year, although he has ruled out a formal role at the center of the president’s campaign.

Part of Bolsonaro’s election promises is to be prepared by the Guedes group, which will also be responsible for finding funding for the measures. Among them are maintenance of Auxilio Brazil at 600 rai per family, payment of 13th of the benefit to women heads of households and adjustment of the income tax schedule.

This Wednesday, Bolsonaro hailed Guterres as an “exempt administration” during the pandemic and deserved a Nobel Prize for economics, but – twice asked if he would remain in charge – did not answer definitively. .