February 1, 2023
Guerra (Humberto Martins) sério em Travessia

Guerra discovers a shocking secret about Deborah and Chiara.

The following chapters ofTransit’, from TV Globo, promised to ignite and collapse many (unstructured) roofs, especially regarding Guerra’s paternity (Humberto Martins(over Kiara)Jade Bacon), a daughter he took after Deborah’s death (Thanks whistle) although he is not the biological father. The information was provided by columnist Patricia Kogut, from Oglobo newspaper.

Keeping this secret for 20 years, the businessman will end up discovering a recording in which his ex-partner claims to have been impregnated by his rival Moretti (Rodrigo Lombardi), which may endanger their secret, when Sarah (Isabelle Nassar) revealed the voice during a party at the house of the evil character, causing a scandal and

sedalia (Cassia cyst) will find out what happened and will tell Guerra everything: “Moretti was revealed yesterday, in the middle of Christmas dinner.” “Is that Sarah?” Chiara’s father will conclude. It is then that Cidália reveals who made the voice, which makes him very infatuated.

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“Wait. Did she have a message that was on Moretti’s cell phone? How did she get hold of that?” “Somehow she did! And that’s not all. More than betrayed you: the revelation of the night was the existence of a son!

Guerra will be desperate from the revelation, after which he will receive a warning from Cidália: “So, get ready. Increase the level of armor around Chiara, because there will be a lot of curious people watching this story.

Does ARI have a brother?

In addition to Breeze (Lucy Alves🇧🇷 Mistrust of being Guerra’s daughterAnother case involves unexpected paternity The following chapters will convey the plot of Gloria Perryz. And this time the surprise will be because of the seizure (Drica Moraes🇧🇷

Ari’s mother (Swedish chai) will leave a possible secret about his son. This will happen during an event at Chiara’s (Jade Picon) house. The merchant from Maranhão will start a conversation with Talita (Mariana’s dander🇧🇷

“I’ve always been in the trade, you know? I ran blindfolded and alone, I was widowed too early and my life was arid,” says Patrice’s dodgy mother-in-law. “There’s only him, isn’t he?” Talita asks. “Only! From a father,” she replies, a prophet.

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The technologist will find the answer strange and will ask if the engineer has a father’s brother. Nuba, when she realizes that she “said too much,” will try to mislead. “Nothing, I’m the one who gets a little dizzy… This drink is good, isn’t it?”.

“Travessia” premiered on Rede Globo on 10 October, replacing “Pantanal” in the 9pm slot. The plot was written by Gloria Perez and directed by Mauro Mendonca Filho. The telenovela has important names in the cast, such as Lucy Alves, Chay Suede, Giovanna Antonelli, Alexandre Nero, Jade Picon, and more.

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