March 29, 2023

Guerreiro says the reserves outperformed Cruzeiro’s rookie in 2013

Leandro Guerrero was a Brazilian Cruzeiro champion in 2013 (Photo: Arquivo/EM/Disclosure/Cruzeiro)

Former Cruzeiro midfielder Leandro Guerrero recalled in an interview the great moments he had with the three-time champions Brazil side in 2013. According to the former player, the duels in training were so intense that the team considered the substitute in many moments. to win in groups.

Leandro was hired in 2011, and made 119 appearances and scored four goals in his three seasons at the club. During this period he won two titles: the 2011 Mineiro Championship and the 2013 Brazilian Championship.

“We had practically two teams. Team A, the starter, and the reserve, which was as good as the starter. So much so that during group sets in Toca, Team B, who was considered a reserve, considered the win against Team A. Team. It was a very healthy conflict between the players. It was This competition is essential and has made us get to where we are,” Guerreiro told the board Where are you?l super sports.

After a turbulent first year in Cruzeiro, which almost culminated in the team’s relegation to Serie B, and an indifferent second season without titles, the player saw the team improve a lot in terms of performance after the arrival of coach Marcelo Oliveira and several new reinforcements. until 2013.

“The atmosphere was very healthy among the group, even those on the bench were cheering for those inside. And the man inside knew he had to give it all, and play well, because if he let the outsider in, he’d lose the position.”

That year Cruzeiro won the Brazilian Championship with 76 points, 11 points ahead of second-placed Gremio. There were 23 wins, seven draws and eight defeats in the 38 matches. To date, this is the only team to beat all opponents in an edition of the competition in run points.

“Of course, in the title there will be some pieces that will stand out more, which is normal, as was the case with Everton Ribeiro, Goulart, Nilton, but putting everyone together in the cake, everyone was the highlight. In this, the group really is,” concluded Leandro Guerrero: “We will win, to be champions, and everyone will win together.”