December 6, 2023
Guilherme de Pdua's body leaves the church for applause - Gerais

Guilherme de Pdua’s body leaves the church for applause – Gerais

William Padova was now a priest In front of the Arrested Persons Aid Department. According to Maricio Valado, the ministry has eight homes housing former prisoners, who have also been referred to work. “If they don’t give support, they go back (to the crime),” said Reverend Marcio Valado, Battista da Laguinha, after the funeral mass was celebrated.
The people who were led by the former representative paid homage to them within a short time and highlighted the welcome the home management received. One participant rated Guilherme as loving and involved in the recovery of detainees.

According to the testimony, Pdua helped participants with housing, food, and encouragement change their lives. “He paid me a turn out of his pocket,” said one of the faithful, who claimed that he had left the crime to devote himself to bread.

Relatives of Guilherme, such as his wife Giuliana Lacerda, also spoke about the former actor. According to her, the couple married “Jesus blessed him” and her husband’s prison projects “will not die.”

One of Padua’s brothers stated that in his last meeting with the former actor, he expressed concern about “how his death would be”. According to a family member, Guilherme was afraid not to live a peaceful death. Then he went to the coffin and highlighted the former actor’s smile. He said, “I won.”