Gun registry: “Save yourself,” insists Geneviève Guilbault

Registre des armes: «Enregistrez-vous», insiste Geneviève Guilbault

GATINEAU – a few hours of the entry into force of the act on the gun registry, the quebec minister of public Security, Genevieve Guilbault, urges owners to register their weapons.

“The act starts at midnight tonight, then I pass the message to all the holders of non-restricted firearms in Quebec: save you, the law is going to apply from tomorrow”, a-t-it launched on Tuesday.

“So all those who have not registered their weapons are subject to sanctions as soon as tomorrow,” added Ms. Guilbault in a scrum with reporters before the cabinet meeting caquiste in Gatineau.

The target is far from being reached: approximately 24 percent of weapons in circulation in the province have been recorded.

The minister Guilbault stated, however, that there had been an “increase in ridership” for the record, which had been the cause, she conceded, pips techniques that have been able to have because of the patience of some.

And the easing in the system of registration of weapons that have been uncovered in the past week do not change anything, because “the cut-off date, it is there,” she warned.

“There are 100,000 guns that are acquired each year in Quebec, and 100 000 weapons that are traded between individuals in Quebec. So this is a lot of people who, in the future, will benefit from a procedure that will be relaxed, more convenient, more easy,” argued the vice-prime minister.

“But in the immediate future, it does not change the application of the law, then follow you”, she added.

The amendments to the act proposed shall first be adopted by the national Assembly before entering into force.

The government wants to remove three irritants of the obligations regarding the recording.

First, only the serial number of the weapon will be required to register, and it will not be necessary to obtain a second registration number.

Then, the owners will no longer have to measure the barrel length of the weapon they have, and finally, the obligation to report any movement beyond 15 days will be changed.

When she announced these changes, the minister Guilbault has insisted on the fact that the registre québécois was there “to stay” and that there was “no question of abolishing it”.

The fines in case of contravention varies from 500 $ to 5000 $.

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