March 31, 2023
Guns N' Roses orders 12 locker rooms, 250 towels, roses, and massages at Rock in Rio;  Artists' orders even include a "beer pong" table |  Rock in Rio 2022

Guns N’ Roses orders 12 locker rooms, 250 towels, roses, and massages at Rock in Rio; Artists’ orders even include a “beer pong” table | Rock in Rio 2022

Thirty days until launch rock in rio Behind the scenes, the teams are preparing to meet all the artists’ requests.

And the one who runs the show behind the scenes is an artist in gratification.

“I am the Mundo do Rock coordinator in Rio’s locker rooms, also known as nanny artist‘,” says Ingrid Berger, who has experience with 20 issues.

Some are veterans of giving work.

“Armas y Rosas. He is an artist who suddenly enters the stage and does not enter. It is a bit difficult to manage. I don’t know what will happen so I am always behind.”

The band ordered 12 dressing rooms, 250 towels, 2 massagers, and red and white roses.

“I think Guns N’ Roses are the epitome of a rock band, right? It’s complicated. It’s a lot of people, it’s a band, it’s a whole group.”

Ingrid Berger – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

But there are also new artists at the festival full of ideas.

“This year Post Malone is asking for a beer pong table. It is something they play with a beer glass and a ping pong ball.”

Dua Lipa was more traditional: “Order a ping-pong table.”

It has more intimate requests, such as socks and underwear, and food for all tastes and constraints.

“This year we have a lot of vegans, a lot of people with allergies. One does not eat onions, one is gluten-free and one is lactose-free.”

According to Ingrid, the band that does less work is Iron Maiden.

“Very quiet, sir, they don’t do much work.”