March 26, 2023
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Gunslinger Spawn: New Dot McFarlane sets comic American record

Image Comics revealed it last Wednesday (22) Gunslinger SpawnThe comic book that introduces the new phase of Hell Soldier has already sold 385,000 units Start As a result, in the number of sales expected over the last 25 years, the most successful Hero magazine was found.

Introduced in the 308 edition of the original curve, the brief appearance of Spawn Gunslinger caused a great deal of excitement among fans, especially in relation to those with the action figure of the hero’s version. Reported by Bleeding cold, Conslinger’s appearance increased demand by 25% from retailers, and this became an opportunity Todd McFarlane Create the story of the soldier.

With the ad Gunslinger Spawn, The universe Jokes He met the sales record holder before his release, and he broke it Spider-Gwen # 1 (300 thousand copies in 2016), Spence Universe # 1 (200 thousand copies in 2021) and King Spawn # 1 (520,000 copies in 2021 including first and second editions). Thus, the magazine has been confirmed as the biggest record of Hero Comics in the last two decades.

Gunslinger Spawn

Gunslinger Spawn, A new monthly release by Todd McFarlane, Ale Cote, Kevin Keane, Brett Booth and Philip Don, and published by Image Comics and McFarlane Productions, tells the story of Jeremy Winston, who led the 21st century 200 years ago. Try to find a way home. Consling to avenge anyone who has damaged his timeline, Gunslinger will face all sorts of hell threats and the original spawn will look like “a boy scout”.

(Source: Image Comics / Reproduction)Source: Image comics

The first issue of The Curve consists of 48 pages and consists of three separate stories, each with a journey Hero When going at the right time. The recommended price in the US is US $ 5.99 (approximately R $ 31, in direct conversion) and is scheduled for release on October 20, with the version continuing without the estimated arrival date in Brazil.