October 1, 2022
Gustavo Corniro begins season in US |  Sports

Gustavo Corniro begins season in US | Sports

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Gustavo Corneiro begins the season in the United States

Gustavo Corniro, ranked 46th in the world in the wheelchair tennis Open, is preparing for his final days at the Priya Club in Uberlandia (MG) and will depart on Sunday, the 27th, for the first match controversy. New season in the United States.

The first competition will be held in Rome, Georgia, USA, with a total prize pool of US $ 32,000 and the ITF 1 Series event kicks off on March 2. Then, starting on the 8th, he travels to the Cajun Classics in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to play the ITF Super Series, with a prize pool of US $ 45,000. Both matches are the largest of the regular wheelchair tennis rounds.

“These are going to be tough matches, the best matches in the world. But my goal in the next 2 years is to play more and more matches of this size precisely to improve my position. This is the way to develop evolution. I want to,” he said. Sponsored by Priya Club, ASICS, Grubo Real Moto Pieces, Equalive, Palitris, Rfriedas, Terra Brasilis, Tennessee Pro Shop, with the support of Uberlandia Athlete Brazilian Tennis Confederation and Banco. BRB.

In 2024 Paris is in second place at the club for the Paralympics. Last year he went to the Tokyo Games in Japan.