August 19, 2022
Gustavo criticizes the comrades game

Gustavo criticizes the comrades game

Gustavo It’s on the wall from “BBB 22 inch (TV Globo) and Annoyed by the fact that Giseilan and Natalia are not in BerlinThe. In a conversation in the commander’s room, the brother complained that the walls in which Giseilan participated, were the “extra”

Jesse herself. We know she got stronger throughout the match, but the two walls she went to were the easiest to release. Whoever was on the wall with you and Jade was extra. Whoever was in Rodrygo, he was an extra player. she did not have [algo forte] highlighted.

Later, Natalia was the target of Gustavo’s comments. He complains that Natalia has not gone to the wall for more than two months.

Douglas analyzed that at the beginning of the game, Natalia went to the wall thanks to Lollipop, but that changed after Gustavo entered the house. So the law degree is kidding that Natalya owes it to him because she ended up putting herself in the crosshairs instead.

He noted, “After I joined, Nat never set foot on Paredão again. Nat practically owes her shadow to me. I went there and stole Lollipop’s focus myself.”

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