October 3, 2023
Gustavo falls into a trap and promises to protect Laís from the wall · TV news

Gustavo falls into a trap and promises to protect Laís from the wall · TV news

after staying with les caldas In the BBB 22Gustavo Marsengo promised to protect the Doctor in forming the next wall. Before kissing the brother, the sister had already planned to get close to him to get rid of the danger zone and also to get outside information about the game. The newcomer from the glass house said, ‘I vote for those who oblige you not to go.’

During the ceremony in the early hours of Sunday (20), the new couple spoke about the risks involved in the vote that will take place tonight. “I vote for whoever it takes to not go to the wall,” Gustavo said. The brother also mentioned that he had no friends at home, so he owed no one to loyalty.

Lais and Gustavo stayed for the first time On Thursday (17) after the end of the Wednesday party. The day before, in a conversation with Jade Picon, the doctor had commented on her desire to form a couple with the investor to do well in the competition for a prize of R$1.5 million.

The Camarote member commented with her ally about approach Gustavo With Arthur Agyar The brothers are in the other room. Then Liu Bacon’s sister suggested: “Tomorrow [na festa]You accept it.”

“I even think of it as [uma estratégia], fuck this. Should you kiss? Let’s go ahead and strategize,” agreed lais. “Hell is silly,” he joked. Smell. “Look at the level we’ve come to. I want to know him so much from before, I want to know the boy’s head, I’ll use my wits, I won’t drink until I go crazy, I want to be conscious,” continued the doctor.

Did you ever stop thinking that if you hadn’t run away [do paredão]-Can you leave? “

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