March 30, 2023
Gustavo Lima and Andressa Suita amaze their children and unleash the excitement

Gustavo Lima and Andressa Suita amaze their children and unleash the excitement

Singer Gustavo Lima and Andressa Suita went through an unprecedented situation with their children

the singer Gustavo Lima and the model Andressa suitThey were in a state of terror with their two children, Gabriel, four, and Samuel, three. It so happened that the boys got infected with a virus for the first time.

And Andressa Suita talked about what happened to her children with her Gustavo Lima. “Hey guys, I came to talk to you a little bit, I’ve been missing out the whole weekend like I said Friday, Samuel had a virus, a virus that was showing up. He had diarrhea and vomiting. On Saturday, he took it to Gabriel and on Sunday they both passed it on to my mom.” Here, she said, “So we spent the weekend like this.”

Then the model talked about how difficult this situation is. “Guys, I think a mother’s biggest suffering is seeing her kids sick, my kids never got sick, and what they get the most is the flu that travels fast, but the virus never went away, so it affected my feelings a lot. But they are really good, and they are recovering.” Because I am an adult, I can eat even without hunger, drink fluids, it is more difficult. We give a little strength. But we are already recovering, we are healthy,” Andressa said.

Then she asked one of her children, “It’s okay, isn’t it?” The little boy replied, “No problem!” Then Andressa said: “You say you’re not, but you are. And little by little we’re getting better, getting active again, look, I don’t wish that to anyone. A sick child is a pain that I don’t even know how to explain, but thank God it was just a virus and we don’t need To go to the hospital for an IV, here we are taking a lot of fluids. Soon we will be happy, playing, running.”

viscosity Gustavo Lima Then he talked about some of the letters he received from mothers. “I was seeing messages from some mothers and commenting on how it affects us and our feelings, it affects everything and it is time to go back to self-care, take care of ourselves because we need to be good to take care of them too. Babies depend on us and that’s why we have to be healthy. Good. So I want to say to mothers, there is a lot of strength and self-care, “concluded Andressa.

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