September 26, 2023
Gustavo Lima, Leonardo and Chituzinho announce their support for Bolsonaro

Gustavo Lima, Leonardo and Chituzinho announce their support for Bolsonaro

Country music singers and composers go to Palacio da Alvorada to meet the president; Ask followers for help

President and candidate for re-election Jair Bolsonaro On Monday (17. October 2022) PL received support from country singers for the second round of elections. The artists participated in a lunch with the CEO of Palácio da Alvorada.

“This country here can never change the colors of the flag. I refuse to have a flag on my back in the future with a red star on it. It is green, yellow, blue and white.”Singer Leonardo said. pretended to attend “form the deep of my heart” your support.

Gustavo Lima called for his followers to help elect Bolsonaro. He defended the agricultural business and what he called ‘Family ideal’ Announcing support for Bolsonaro. “We will not exchange truth for doubt.”He said.

The two singers accompanied Bolsonaro in a statement to reporters. After that, they participated in a meeting with the president and other artists, including Chitãozinho, from the duet with Chororó. The meeting was held in the library of the official headquarters and broadcast live on social media.

After the meeting, the singers and the president made another statement to reporters. swipe leonardoexemptionsHe encouraged voters to vote on October 30. Singer Zezé de Camargo said the group’s support for Bolsonaro seeks to unite the country.

The world of sertanejo with the president, so we are here to represent our class. And the [queremos] I wish good luck, lots of success for the president who was the most sertanejo president out of all the sertanejo presidents we’ve seen in brazilChituzino said.

Watch excerpts from Sertanikhus’ speech (4 min 53):

Ministers Paulo Geddes (Economics) and Celio Varia (Government Secretariat) attended the meeting. In addition to the singers, Bolsonaro also received the Governor of Goiás, Ronaldo Chiado (União Brasil), MP Carla Zampelli (PL-SP) and Lieutenant Colonel Carlos Roberto Massa, mouse.

The meeting with sertanejos was initially scheduled for last week, but was rescheduled by the campaign team. before the first round, Athletes and some country singers vote for BolsonaroThey include Maroney from the duo with Bruno and singer Rick Solo.

Bolsonaro has had the support of artists in this sector since the beginning of his tenure. In January 2020, Country singers announced their support for the government From Bolsonaro via message. A group of about 30 artists visited Palácio do Planalto for a date set in the official agenda of the President “Meet the Country People”.

On this occasion, the announcement of support for the artists was followed by the announcer of the rodeo Quiapano Lima. Speak the text in the language “Fantastic feats” to the government in 2019 and said Bolsonaro brought stability to the country.

Here is the list of artists present at Monday’s meeting:

  • Leonardo.
  • Gustavo Lima;
  • Chittosino.
  • Sola Miranda
  • Fernando Zor
  • Z de Camargo
  • Cuyabano Lima
  • brown;
  • Pedro Manso.