February 5, 2023

Gustavo Lima overturns the ban; abadas do not sell

Gustavo Lima He tried to show his ambassador in Bloco do on the circuit of Barra / Ondina, in Salvador, but was unsuccessful.

The press office of the block confirmed to this writer splash that the block has been “postponed to 2024”. The column searched for Gustavo Lima, who has yet to comment on the matter. The space is still open.

sertanejo tried to charge R$2,000 per abadá and couldn’t sell enough to put the block on the street on parade on Monday carnivalon February 20.

The information was first published by IG’s journalist Kadu Brandao.

It is worth noting that Gustavo Lima attempted to occupy a space already devoted by the Bahia Singers. Daniela Mercury, Yvette SangaloThe Bell Marques and Durval Lelys are also attractions on the Barra Ondina circuit.

Before “delayed until 2024”, the block producer, in November, tried to do a promotion, and the price of the block dropped to R$800.

An open bar space was also set up for the revelers who agreed to pay R$2,000. He will have access to a supportive trio with an open bar.

Attempts were not enough, and according to sources, sales were not as expected. The block advisor also informs that a memorandum with more details on the cancellation should be issued today.

Gustavo Lima will have a building in Salvador

Image: Disclosure