February 6, 2023
Gustavo reveals fans of the wall and says Vyni 'forced'

Gustavo reveals fans of the wall and says Vyni ‘forced’

moments After a light jealousy crisisGustavo and Laiss went to the grunge room ofBBB 22″ (TV Globo). Between kisses and going out, the couple also talked This week’s wallWhich prepares the participation of the Bachelor of Laws.

Gustav started the conversation Remember your mistake during commission. “I’m mad at myself today,” he said, for not nominating Ellie to face a public preference dispute.

Citing the publicist, Coritibano also said: “He is a very donkey. But once he was saved, now, by the fault of others.”

“I’m glad he’s not with me this Sunday,” Laes snapshot.

Then the prisoner resumed a conversation he had with other participants about Vyni, Where they noticed some situations from Ciara.

“He is, in life, another person,” said Gustavo. “He wakes up to the world when he’s in a game of live discord, in 30 seconds. There are days when he says nothing.”

“I think it’s very much in Ellie’s shadow,” the doctor said.

Gustavo continued, “Anyone who sees the show live should be thinking, ‘Wow, this guy has to be like this all the time,’ but he’s not.”

Then Laes announced its support for the wall. “I really like Scooby,” he said, “but I want him outside.”

In turn, LLB also indicated his preference: “I want Vinnie to leave. I love him, but between him and Scooby, I prefer Scooby.” And in the end, he indicated what he would do differently in the counterattack: “I would have drawn Slovenia, but it would be bad because Lucas is the leader,” he said, of the participant’s friend.

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