August 18, 2022
Oleg Karpov

Haas talks about Petro’s real chances

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Pietro Fittipaldi back to the car Formula 1 This Thursday (10), when the class resumed its preparations for the season, this time in Bahrain, which will also host the first race of the year on the 20th of this month.

While the Brazilian was on the right track, the head of Haas, Gunther Steiner Talk about the Brazilian and whether he should be considered a starting driver for the entire season. The North American captain repeated the speech he gave when the team announced the return of Kevin Magnussen.

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Steiner said after being asked by a company “But it wasn’t discussed much, because, like I said before, it was really good with Kevin, and we never stopped. It was like, ‘Oh, we have to work this out, okay let’s work it out.’ And then we got there quickly. real.”

Steiner revealed that he spoke to Petro about the team selection and that the Brazilian, who has been with the team for three years, was disappointed.

“I spoke to Pietro, I don’t remember that day. I called him one morning and spoke to him. She obviously wasn’t the happiest of her moment for obvious reasons. But I explained to him why, and he’s a team driver. And he’s still a part of him. I mean, he’s there testing. So I say It’s understanding. Obviously, he would have definitely preferred to be in the car.”

Steiner repeated his selection speech for someone more experienced, such as Haas owner Gene Haas himself last Sunday, saying that with another rookie, the team may not know where it is relative to the other teams.

“Obviously part of it is that you look back and you always see what works and where you are now. And the situation we found ourselves in was this: How do we move the team forward in the fastest way and with the least amount of risk? The choice was Kevin, because we know him, and he worked with us.

“If we take another newcomer, we’re going to have the same problem again, or the same question: We won’t know where we’re going, because we won’t have a reference. So I think it’s one of those things, where you just have to say, yeah, maybe in the back of your head you say, ‘” Yes, let’s go the safe way, ‘and that’s what we did.

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Podcast #165 – What are Pietro Fittipaldi’s real chances in Formula One?

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