May 31, 2023

Haddad says that the new financial anchor will consider relocating to reconfigure health and education resources | Economy

Finance Minister Fernando Haddad said, on Tuesday evening (21), that the new financial anchor will include a transitional base for the fields of health and education.

The new tax rules, if approved by Congress, would replace the spending cap. The idea is to create a mechanism that allows room for government to invest and, at the same time, keeps public accounts in check.

Under the cap rule, government spending was corrected for the previous year’s inflation. The minister understands that the health and education sectors have lost investment since 2017, when the cap came into effect. This is because the Constitution stipulated higher values ​​for these areas than a simple correction for inflation.

“As we move away from a very rigid rule that took a lot of resources away, took a lot of resources from health and education, we need to imagine moving to the new framework that thinks about reconfiguring the losses of the two,” Haddad said.


Haddad also commented on the government’s decision to reveal the new financial anchor only after the delegation accompanying President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva returned from China. For Haddad, this “doesn’t hurt the schedule.”

There was an initial expectation that the new fiscal rule would be issued this week. But earlier, this Tuesday, Lula reported that the announcement will be made after his return from Asia. The trip is scheduled for the end of the week and will continue until the beginning of next week.

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The proposal is still subject to modifications. In recent days, the economic team presented the project to congressional leaders and also held meetings with Lula to discuss the issue.

“I am calm about the technical field of the four economic ministries and the civil house. I think it is advanced. The base will be shown after the president authorizes it, which should happen after the flight from China, because he wanted me to be available to society and the press after disclosure. It does not affect our schedule.” time,” the minister said.