January 29, 2023
Halland destroys with three, Manchester City beats Crystal Palace in a comeback and leads the English Premier League.

Halland destroys with three, Manchester City beats Crystal Palace in a comeback and leads the English Premier League.

Manchester City beat Crystal Palace 4-2 in the English Premier League

was again with shadows of dramabut the Manchester won again in Premier League. Pep Guardiola played in front of his fans at the Etihad Stadium Haaland hat trick to win the Crystal Palace for every 4 to 2In the fourth round of the English Championship. The match was broadcast live By ESPN on Star +.

In addition to the three goals scored by the Norwegian, the citizens also scored the goal scored by Bernardo Silva. Stones (exclusive) and Joachim Andersen scored the Eagles’ goals.

But the result and Haaland’s performance mask the first half in which things were far from the best scenario for the hosts.

The most competitive tournament in the world has shown it yet again There is no forgiveness for those who go to the decentralized arena. Oblivious to the dead ball, Pep Guardiola’s team saw the visiting team To score twice on high pitches in 20 minutes.

The first fatal error occurred Soon at 3when a free kick is not cleared by the defense, Deviates on John Stones and “killed” guard Ederson.

The same text was followed on the letter shortly thereafter.

Corner kick in the area, and mark undocks And the Andersen Free rise to expand score to the Eagles.

The disadvantage in front of their fans made Guardiola’s team go further in attack, but hit the “wall” erected by Patrick Vieira, who Line of five went up in defense from the start with Four more signs take spaces from the city.

Although given a small space for Citizensthe Palace still sees the landlords risking moves on the right, but they are held up in Guaita’s defenses.

Even returning with the same formation in the second half, Guardiola’s team started to corner Crystal Palace more, making the ball spin faster to gain some space. The game has heated up in reverse.

Rodri’s long throw and domination Bernardo Silva. The midfielder went to a personal attempt and hit, relying on a slight deflection in defense to kill goalkeeper Guaita.

Do you know the pressure that City was able to put in search of space in the second half while reversing the balls? This is what led to the tie.

I worked toss from right to left and sugary cross From Foden to find Haaland for free for the first time in a match. And it was fatal.

Manchester City’s “tractor situation” in the second half was out of control for Patrick Vieira’s men, who “slept” on a quick corner kick. Play from foot to foot until you find Haaland on the second ray…totally free.

turn Citizens.

As if opportunistic goals weren’t enough, Haaland also showed that he can score as a very accomplished striker when he received from Bernardo Silva, overpowering Ward in the body and beating Guita’s exit to complete a hat-trick in the match. Manchester City 9 party performance shirt.

best moments

Tournament mode

Manchester City go to 10 points, and e occupies the first position in the table. Crystal Palace, on the other hand, parks at 4 splatter And the game closes eleventh place.

Man: Haaland

It took time to find spaces with a five-riding defense by Crystal Palace. But when he found it… he scored three times and show why it’s still a nightmare for rival defenders. A killer and a killer facing the goal.

Sorry: stones

He was unlucky to swerve and scored within 3 minutes of the first half. He even followed the ball into the corner that resulted in Andersen’s goal. Two crucial games in a match that started poorly for City collectively.

Upcoming matches

a Manchester He returns to the field on Wednesday (31), when he faces Nottingham Forest at Etihad Stadium. Already Crystal Palace will be in front of BrentfordTuesday (30th). Both games will be first-class commitments 5th round English Championship.

data sheet

Manchester City 4×2 Crystal Palace

Objectives: Bernardo Silva (53′) and Erling Haaland (62′, 70′, 81′) for Manchester City; John Stones (4′, against) and Joachim Andersen (21′), for Crystal Palace

Manchester Ederson. Walker, Stones, Robin Dias and Cancelo (Gondogan); Rodri, Bernardo Silva and De Bruyne; Foden, Mahrez (Alvarez) and Halland. Technical: Pep Guardiola

Crystal Palace: Gweta. Klein Ward, Andersen, Joy and Mitchell (Richards); Schlub, Dokuri, Ayo, and Izzy; Edward. Technical: Patrick Vieira.