Happy new year to all athletes! (2nd part)

Danny Gélinas
The Voice of the East

Bonne année à tous les sportifs! (2e partie)

I am continuing this week with my wishes, sometimes serious, sometimes comical, to some people that to me are precious. Let’s go…

Denis Galipeau, golfer emeritus of Granby : another beautiful summer at the helm of the Senior citizens of the Montérégie region.

Réjean Gélineau, great sports Saint-Hyacinthe : accept — finally — that it will be grand-dad !

Sidney Gélinas, my biggest fan : to continue to be this little man so nice that your mom and I love so much.

Dr. Pedro Geraldes de Bromont : the defence of our title at the Classic golf of Diabetes – the eastern Townships and a beautiful year together at the helm of the Titans of the Divine Word, M-12 minor.

Carol Groleau, photographe : another golf trip with my company and that his photographs are purchased by the magazine Golf Digest.

Danie Hallée, financial analyst, Centre d’aide aux entreprises Haute-Yamaska and region : the purchase of a new driver. Jean-Marc, give him a gift !

Marc Hurtubise, director of operations and professional at the Path of the Old Village : to retain the charisma that characterizes it and passed its qualification on the Senior tour european.

Patrick Lachapelle, a colleague of the Titans of the Divine Word and great sportsman : to finally understand that he needs to take time for him.

Eric “Putter” Laflamme, golfer, member of the club de golf Acton Vale : finally, a win in an Interclub championship.

Sylvain Lagacé and Andree Royer from the Centre Shin Granby : to continue to teach karate with success, rigour and discipline.

Jean-Charles Lajoie, host of tv : a lot of success with his new show on TVA Sports.

Jocelyne Lavoie, representative senior customer service of the National Bank of Cowansville : an english message will follow !

Jacques “Coco” Lemaire, hockey man : his place in the Pantheon of sports of the City of LaSalle prior to his election to the hall of fame Hockey !

Sylvain ” Sly ” Lemaire, of the Buses on The Route de Saint – Alphonse : a return on the golf courses of our region.

Simon Lemay, Jean-François Brassard and Michael Raymond : that we continue to have so much fun together until, in April, to coach our little Rockies.

Renaud Lessard, former coach of the Vics de Granby, the Avalanche of Yamaska-Missisquoi, etc : a job as a consultant with Hockey Estrie and beautiful wanderings on the roads of North America !

Vincent Loiselle, grand sportif de Bromont : health and remain this man is very pleasant to work with.

Richard Morasse, Paul-Éloi Dufresne of Waterloo, and their fantastic group of volunteers : to continue to engage as actively in the foundation’s Assistance Youth François Godbout.

Jean Moreau and Marie-Eve Dupré, hosts of the morning show with M-105 : to continue to entertain us. Your good mood is contagious and helps us to start our days.

David Morin, director of operations, golf at club de golf Acton Vale : employment as a chief instructor in the League of north american hockey.

Stephane Morin, owner of club de golf Le Rocher in Roxton Pond : that he and his team continue to be always so welcoming !

Scott Munro, president of the Knowlton Golf Club : to bring his club to the population, as it intends to so well…

Kimberly Nadeau, director of operations at the club de golf Les Cedres in Granby : a little bundle as kind as his mother.

Francesca Palardy, assistant professional at the Path of the Old Village : to go after his dreams, and trust.

Jean-Marc Parenteau, sport of Sainte-Cécile, continue his involvement with the sports teams of our region. Men of this caliber are a rare commodity these days !

Mélanie Potvin, a teacher at the Divine Word : continues to be our little Emilie Bordeleau. The young people you love and so are we !

Alain “Pee-Wee” Préfontaine, great sports of Granby, and recruiter-in-chief of the Phoenix of Sherbrooke : what is his training to know success at last !

Jean Rainville, the officer starts at the golf club of Waterloo : to hit a draw !

Sylvie Schetagne, professional golf and host of Golf-Tone on the waves of MaTV : receive an offer to RDS or TVA Sports.

Kevin Spinozzi, a hockey player from Granby : that his agent, Gilles Lupien, he unearths a contract with the Rocket de Laval for the season 2019-2020.

Jean St-Onge, descriptor, matches of Cheerleader at 98.5 FM : that its patterns of Radio-Canada (of which he is a permanent employee), he could return to the description of the games at 98.5 !

John Striganuk, director general of the Divine Word : not to receive the visit of Miss Clairol this year !

Stone Surprising, that Publi-Sac Granby : to be the host of an intimate concert of Alain Morisod and Sweet People !

Michel Tassé, director of sports at The Voice of the East : a year without a health problem.

Jérémy Come, teacher : the first role in the remake of the tv series Grizzly Adams !

Mark Weightman, v. p. development and operations with the Rocket de Laval (LAH) : a call to go join his friend Julien Brisebois with the Tampa Bay Lightning, but in the meantime, continue to build the brand of the Rocket !


In 1991, during the Tournament the Memorial Cup in Quebec city, it was the year of the Chiefs of Spokane with Ray Withney, Pat Fallon, the tough guy Kerry Toporowski (memory, 505 penalty minutes only in the regular season) as well as the excellent Trevor Kidd in front of the net.

However, in between the matches, it was not necessary to be a great soothsayer to see that a romantic relationship was being born between the young journalist that was Stéphane Leroux and the director of communications of the QMJHL of the time, Manon Gagnon.

Of this relationship, which lasted for several years, were born two children, a boy named Jasmine, that I met when he followed his father in the arenas of the region.

Today, I hear it sometimes when I listen to his reports on the League de hockey Midget AAA, at around 23: 15, during the famous Hello athletes, led by Ron Fournier.

Jasmine was succeeded by John ” JR ” Robillard, one of the dolphins of the ex-sports journalist Marc Lachapelle of the Journal de Montréal.

What was my surprise to see him who is now an adult — was at the helm of the Hockey Magazine that he runs in the company of the ex-hockey player Denis Gauthier, Jr. on the airwaves of RDS. Of course, his father doing there part of the furniture…

Comfortable in front of the camera, in addition to being an excellent communicator, he seems to have a nice career in sight !

Bonne année à tous les sportifs! (2e partie)

The young Jasmin Leroux, son of Stephen, is promised to a beautiful career.


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