Harassment, sex and lies on the canadian political

Harcèlement, sexe et mensonges sur la scène politique canadienne

OTTAWA — They are sitting in the last row of the House of commons, on the side of the opposition. A small group of mps that became independent in the wake of the movement #moiaussi. If some elected officials have been excluded from their caucus in 2018, others have stood up to the claims. A look back on a year punctuated by denunciations.

A minister resigns

Remarks suggestive have been due to the minister Kent Hehr, who were reproached for his lack of empathy. He resigned from his position at the head of the department of Sport and Persons with disabilities on 25 January, after the initiation of an independent investigation. He would have said to Kristin Raworth a former employee of the legislative Assembly of Alberta, where he had served for seven years, he was “delicious” (“You’re yummy”), when she was alone with him in an elevator. Another individual complained that he had touched inappropriately. The survey was completed nearly six months later, but has never been made public. In a statement, Mr. Hehr has said that he did not remember having met or spoken to Ms. Raworth at the time while acknowledging that”it was clear from the report that he had ill at ease”. He offered his apologies. As to the second complaint, he said that “any contact” of its part had been “involuntary” because it was not realized. He added that his disability – Mr. Hehr is a quadriplegic – deprived him of sensation in his hands and partially in his arms. Kent Hehr, however, has never returned to the office of Justin Trudeau.

Allegations trigger a saga

One might ask what would the political landscape be today if Patrick Brown had remained leader of the conservative Party of Ontario. His dream of becoming a prime minister was abruptly ended on 25 January. A few hours after having denied the allegations of misconduct and sexual assault in a press conference, Mr. Brown resigned in the middle of the night at four months of provincial elections. The pressure was too strong. The CTV network came to report, without identifying them, about two young women who claimed to have had unwanted sexual touching with him. The one said to have been its employee at the time of the facts complained of – Mr. Brown was then a federal mp. The other claimed that he would have asked her to make him a blowjob at his home, while she was a minor and intoxicated. She later changed her version by stating that it had rather the adult, but has maintained the rest of his allegations.

Fallen, Patrick Brown has launched a libel suit of $ 8 million against CTV. He denies these allegations which have not been verified by The canadian Press. The conservative Party of ontario held a leadership race in the nick of time during which Mr. Brown presented himself as a candidate to his own succession, and finally throw in the towel a few days later. It is the ex-councillor toronto Doug Ford, who eventually became party leader and premier of Ontario. Patrick Brown has, meanwhile, made a political comeback, in October, the city council of the city of Brampton. He subsequently published a book in which he claims to have been the victim of a “political assassination”.

The federal conservative Party splashed

The revelations in the place of Patrick Brown had echoes on the federal scene. A week after his resignation, the leader of the conservative Party of Canada, Andrew Scheer, gave in to the pressure within its own ranks and launch an independent investigation on the case of Rick Dykstra, a former mp close to Mr Brown became the chairman of the conservative Party of Ontario. Maclean’s magazine revealed on 28 January that the strategists federal conservatives, after some hesitation, allowed the deputy to outgoing to be a candidate in the 2015 elections, knowing that he was suspected of sexual assault on a female employee. Mr. Dykstra resigned the same day, while the conservatives of Ontario are already in the midst of a crisis. He denies these allegations which have not been verified by The canadian Press. Eleven months later, the investigation is still not completed. It would, however, enable the party to better select the candidates to conservatives in anticipation of the election of 2019. “I am so confident that we will have the report so far ahead of the next election,” said Mr. Scheer when The canadian Press asked him before the end of the parliamentary work. “It is a process that is independent, he recalled. I do () not control because it is independent (…).” He promises always to make public the findings of this survey.

Excluded, it revives a party that no longer exists

Suspended on the 1st of February for allegations of harassment and sexual misconduct, the member of parliament Erin Weir would have been able to stay within the caucus, the new democrat at the conclusion of an investigation, but an interview in which he identifies one of the complainants, and denounces what he sees as a political manoeuvre, and seals his fate. It is excluded, may 3, at the end of this survey, which concluded that evidence supported a claim of harassment and three allegations of sexual harassment. The mp had not been able to recognize non-verbal cues in social situations. The report, however, has never been made public by the chief of the new democrat Jagmeet Singh. Mr. Weir had been suspended from his parliamentary duties while he was trying to become president of the caucus. Mp Christine Moore had sent out an email to all her colleagues in the neo-democrats in which she revealed that several women had confided that he was harassing him. The elected saskatchewanians sought to challenge the investigation process in vain. Instead of sit as an independent, he said he was member of parliament for the co-operative Commonwealth Federation. The social democratic party no longer exists since 1961…

A member bleached

Mp Christine Moore, who had denounced his colleague Erin Weir, has also been the subject of an investigation in 2018. Glen Kirkland, an ex-military injured in Afghanistan, was accused of having abused their authority for having a sexual relationship with him five years ago. These allegations were released on may 8 on the CBC website had the led the same day as the suspension of the member. In an exclusive interview given a few days later to The canadian Press, Ms. Moore had revealed photos, she had rather have had a romantic relationship with Mr. Kirkland, which had lasted about four months. The ex-military has refused to participate in the independent investigation, which eventually concluded that the woman had not committed sexual misconduct and had not “abused his position of authority”. The report has never been made public. Ms. Moore was able to resume his parliamentary duties in July 2018. CBC has since apologized. The mp for québec, who is pregnant with her third child, has abandoned the idea of continuing Mr. Kirkland and other media in libel, to put all that history behind it.

The prime minister is also referred to

Justin Trudeau has not been immune to allegations of sexual misconduct in 2018. An editorial anonymous published in a newspaper of British Columbia there are nearly 20-year-old has resurfaced at the beginning of the summer. The author told at the time that Mr. Trudeau would have been touched inappropriately during a festival. He has subsequently apologized. The prime minister, known for his zero tolerance approach to allegations of sexual misconduct within his party, first indicated that he did not remember to have had any “negative interaction” that this is that day. He later admitted that the young journalist may have a different perception while repeating that he was certain of not having been moved.

Mandatory training for a member of parliament

A liberal mp rear-ban is forced in October to complete training on sexual harassment at its own expense and to participate in a mediation process with the victim. Darshan Kang Calgary had left the liberal caucus in August 2017, a few months before the hashtag #moiaussi become viral. It was the object of an independent investigation requested by the House of commons. The report confirmed that there had been inappropriate behaviour towards one of its employees. He had allegedly attempted to access inappropriately to his hotel room in Ottawa.

An ex-minister sends intimate pictures

No one has reviewed Tony Clement in the corridors of Parliament since he has confessed to be entangled in a sex scandal. The last vote in which he participated in the House of commons dates back to November 6, 2018, the day he made his first confession. The conservative mp, party heavyweight and veteran of the policy, had caused a surprise by revealing that he had shared a video and sexually explicit photos of themselves online. The recipient, that it believed to be a woman consenting, was trying to obtain money. The case has raised questions of national security since the elected official was a member of a committee that oversees the intelligence agencies. It is feared that he has been targeted because of this role that requires a security clearance “secret”. First loan to keep it within its parliamentary group, the conservative chief Andrew Scheer, ravisé the next day and asked the mp to leave the caucus after learning of new allegations. This was not the first time Mr. Clement had to go to the police for attempted extortion caused by his intimate exchanges on the Web. Several young women, he also criticized his questionable behavior towards them on the social networks. It would, for example, writes of unsolicited messages late into the night. The deputy apologized for having made them feel uncomfortable, and acknowledged his lack of judgment.

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