March 30, 2023
Has the PIS 2022 fee already been paid?  Check it all here!

Has the PIS 2022 fee already been paid? Check it all here!

Did you know that PIS 2022 is already being paid? The funds were released in March, but workers can withdraw through December. know more!

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If you are a Brazilian worker, it is very likely that you have already heard about the PIS/Pasep salary bonus. PIS is an amount paid each year to workers who have worked in formal jobs, at one minimum wage. The full amount is paid to those who worked for the full 12 months in the specified base year. Whoever works the least time gets the relative amount. But what about 2022, has the PIS money already been paid for by the government? This is what we will see next. So check it out!

Has the PIS 2022 fee already been paid?

Thus, it is necessary to say that workers who are entitled to a PIS (Social Integration Program) can now withdraw amounts referring to the base year 2020. For those who do not know, the cashier Already exceeded the amounts of provisions at the beginning of 2022, but belatedly. This is because, during the pandemic, payments have been suspended in order to help Economie from the state.

Therefore, workers who carried out activities with a formal contract during 2020 can get PIS in 2022. Although the amounts have already been released, the government estimates that about 400,000 people have not yet recovered the money.

Therefore, although deposits started in February and ended in March, it is possible to withdraw PIS amounts until December 29, 2022. That is, if you believe that you are entitled to PIS and have not yet withdrawn the funds, it is worth redeeming the values ​​​​as soon as possible.

Remember that only workers who earned minimum wages during 2020 are entitled to PIS 2022, and have had some paid activity for at least 30 days. It is also necessary that you have been registered with PIS/Pasep for at least 5 years.

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