July 2, 2022
Hashdex announces a new DeFi ETF that tracks Aave, Matic, and 10 other cryptocurrencies

Hashdex announces a new DeFi ETF that tracks Aave, Matic, and 10 other cryptocurrencies

a hashdex Yesterday announced the launch of DEFI11, an index fund (ETF) which tracks the performance of Cryptocurrency for the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. Reserve ETF applications begin this Tuesday (18), and the product should reach B3 in February.

Developed in partnership with global crypto index provider CF Benchmarks, DEFI11 will reflect the “CF DeFi Modified Composite Index,” an index initially containing 12 assets, divided into three classes.

The largest one brings financial services protocols and currently includes Uniswap (UNI), avi (avi), compound (COMP), maker (MKR), Yearn Finance (YFI), curve (CRV), Synthetix (SNX(e amps)AMP).

Among the data, validation and scalability protocols are Polygon (matic), chain link (Link(e graph)GR). Finally, Ethereum (ETH), the only member of the blockchain platform class where transactions are validated and recorded.

The market capitalization of DeFi-class crypto assets is $159.6 billion, according to CoinMarketCap aggregator data, driven by the adoption of intermediary-free lending and income protocols. The amount deposited by investors in DeFi projects grew nearly 13-fold in 2021, from $18.7 billion on January 1 to $242.2 billion on December 3.

“Investing in DeFi is the same as investing in fintechs of the future. It is a very promising market that, given its disruptive technologies, can grow exponentially in the coming years,” says Marcelo Sampaio, CEO of Hashdex.

Hashdex is the owner of HASH11, the first cryptocurrency ETF in Brazil and Latin America. In just nine months of its existence, the index fund raised 130,000 shareholders last year and Bypassing traditional BOVA11 in favor of B3 investors, ranking second in the Brazilian Stock Exchange.

XP, Itaú BBA and Banco Genial will be the coordinators for the manager’s new ETF offering, which will have a total management fee of 1.3%. The initial investment per share is expected to be approximately R$50.

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