July 18, 2024

Hate the gym? The machine promises to burn 1,000 calories in 30 minutes

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Hate the gym?  The machine promises to burn 1,000 calories in 30 minutes
Hate the gym?  The machine promises to burn 1,000 calories in 30 minutes

If you’re the kind of person trying to lose weight, this news gets you excited! A product that combines several technologies to deliver a calorie burning machine. In addition to promoting weight loss, it has numerous benefits that improve quality of life. Therefore, learn about the future slimming capsule that accelerates weight loss and mass gain.

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From aerobic exercise to cross-functional exercises

As soon as we talk about cardio training and doing aerobics, some people are already lazy. After all, it seems like it takes a lot of effort to lose a few calories, considering the daily burn in a typical workout routine.

However, some companies are trying to come up with innovative services that speed up the burning of calories. This is the case of Magrass, a place that gathers many advanced equipment that reflects a good experience.

Slimming machine: meet the capsule of the future

Among the most prominent features of Magras is the “Body Shape” slimming capsule, which is distinguished by its strength and functionality. The cab allows anyone to perform their exercises on the treadmill under specific conditions.

While a person walks or runs, performs the movements prescribed by the teachers, the infrared rays heat the inner area. Pressure and vacuum make you sweat a lot, in addition to spending calories.

Among the benefits identified by customers themselves are reduced physical wear and improved results. Thus, the effectiveness of the equipment seems to have convinced the public of a less sedentary life, with the benefit of technology.

Burn 1000 calories in 30 minutes

The slimming capsule is exposed to members of Magrass, located in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul. On average, you can burn 1,000 calories every 30 minutes of working out in the booth.

The session still helps to improve the functioning of the joints, strengthen the core and ensure good movement. In this way, it also allows elderly and obese patients to exercise safely.

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