July 23, 2024

Havana Syndrome. America wants to know how this disease appeared and “who is responsible”?

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Havana Syndrome.  America wants to know how this disease appeared and "who is responsible"?
Havana Syndrome.  America wants to know how this disease appeared and "who is responsible"?
“So far, we don’t know exactly what happened, and we don’t know exactly who is responsible.”, Blinken said in MSNBC interview.

Three US diplomats contracted the disease in the Swiss city and one in the French capital last summer, with about 200 people, including US embassy staff and their families, diagnosed with the disease in the past five years. The secretary of state emphasized, however, that the White House was trying to “unravel the mystery.”

“We are working overtime in the administration to delve into what happened, and who is responsible.”.

“We have the Ministry of Intelligence, we have the Ministry of Defense, we have the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and all of our scientists are trying to get to the heart of this”, he added.

the The Wall Street Journal It was reported, also Thursday, that the recently injured diplomats are on a mission in Paris and Geneva, where negotiations took place between the United States and Russia on Monday, regarding the continuation of Russian forces on the border with Ukraine.

“Havana syndrome” was first identified among US officials in the Cuban capital in 2016 and is characterized by symptoms such as headache, nausea, memory loss and dizziness. According to Blinken, who met with several State Department officials, he explained that they all described the same symptoms in the way it affected their daily lives.

“There is no doubt that people have been directly and severely affected.”, He said.“But we have to find out exactly what happened and who might be responsible, and that is what we are determined to do. (…) We will find out. Until then, we have to do what we can to protect people and, as I said, take care of them”.

Microwave weapons. Who has this responsibility?

The disease, since its appearance in 2016, has fueled crime theories. A December 2020 report from the National Academy of Sciences commissioned by the State Department found that microwave radiation ultimately likely caused the disease, but did not identify the source.

Anthony Blinkin noted in the interview that Washington has already questioned Russia on this issue, but so far the responsible party has not been discovered.

We have made it clear that if they are responsible, or rather, any responsible person will suffer dire consequences.

Although they are nothing more than theories, BBC He adds that there are those who point the finger at Russia and China, but the United States will also conduct investigations using “microwave weapons” for military purposes. Moscow has already rejected the accusations, saying they are “fantasy hypotheses”.

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