January 29, 2023

Have you ever heard of mushrooms that taste like chicken?

It is a common scenario for babies who have difficulty feeding. The phrase “it tastes like chicken” used by parents has become popular all over the world. In the United States, for example, chicken consumption is very high. when it comes to mushroomsIt’s not that popular. However, mushrooms Oyster king It has a very strange appearance, and many people have said that it tastes very similar to chicken. See below for more information about this mushroom that has gained popularity in the USA.

For people who are vegetarians or like to try new things, get to know mushrooms whose flavor is compared to chicken.

Of the several types of mushrooms in existence, King Oyster is in the largest genus of oyster mushrooms. In addition, it has a very strange appearance. The first point that attracts a lot of attention is the disproportion between the stem and the cap.

Due to the size of the stem and the fact that it is long and swollen, it will naturally become tough and chewy when cooked. Small King Oyster mushroom cap.

However, when it comes to the opposite, it’s surprising. King Oyster becomes rare when eaten unpretentiously raw. Its stalk, in its natural form, has a smooth, delicious texture and a rich umami flavor.

In Asian cuisines, King Oyster mushroom is a favorite. We can mention, for example, China, Japan and Korea. For people who have chosen not to eat any type of animal-derived food, in this case VegetariansMushrooms became a great choice for them. This is because the texture and flavor of the shanks, when cooked, are very similar to scallops and chicken.

Umami is the ingredient that helps tenderize the meat. Its closest ingredient in terms of flavor is shiitake mushrooms, even if the umami is more concentrated.

If you want to prepare it in other ways, one option is to sauté the mushrooms. Due to the fact that it is light and meaty, the flavor when frying is a snap as the crunchy outer layer forms much like steak.