February 1, 2023

Have you ever heard of sun taxes? A new tax comes into effect

This Friday, the sixth, the so-called “taxes on the sunThe name refers to generating its own power through grid-connected (on-grid) solar panel systems. Now there will be a fee to cover distribution costs.

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The law was ratified by then-President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) last year and met the deadline set by the legal framework for generating distributors. In practice, starting Saturday the 7th, consumers who require their solar power system to be connected to the grid will have to pay a fee. Moreover, he would only get 85% of the credit for the surplus.


It should be noted that those who adopted the model before this period will be exempted until 2045. Therefore, exemption from customs duties until the beginning of 2023 was a form of incentive for renewable energy generation. Projections are that this period will gain momentum with PL 2703/22, however, the bill did not get a Senate vote before the year-end recess.

However, according to energy professionals, installing photovoltaic panels remains beneficial, even with the new rate. In practice, what changes is the return on investment.

taxes on the sun

The tariff is necessary to regulate the energy sector. In short, it is a way to reward the franchisor for the service rendered. This is because, in the case of distributed generation, the distribution network is a kind of battery for those who have it solar panel.

Finally, the charges will reach 38% over the amount of energy thrown into the grid, and this percentage will be applied gradually, until 2028. This year, this application is 15%, which equals a rate of 5.7%.