February 2, 2023
Have you got arthritis?  avoiding foods that make the condition worse (including fruits)

Have you got arthritis? avoiding foods that make the condition worse (including fruits)

Currently, knowledge about food intolerance has advanced significantly. However, researchers continue to make efforts to link patients’ habits to some of the inconveniences. For example, those with rheumatoid arthritis should remove certain ingredients from their meals, in an effort to reduce pain.

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Why can natural foods be harmful?

As mentioned above, everything a person consumes generates some reactions in the body Metabolismwhether positive or negative. Some herbs can cause poisoning if given in large amounts. Regardless of the component, the organs need to process them and in the absence of a suitable enzyme, they fail to digest certain molecules, causing various inconveniences.

Surveyed by the Doctors Committee

Two thousand people underwent an analysis published by the Committee of Physicians that led to some considerations. Those who ate more red meat, fat, salt, sugar and caffeine experienced more aggressive arthritis symptoms. Other than that, what surprised the specialists was the connection between eating two fruits and worsening pain: apples and tomatoes.

Chronic pain and its relationship to food

apple f Tomatoes They aggravate the inflammatory condition and thus aggravate the condition of those who suffer from rheumatism. There is still no exact explanation as to whether the production of genetically modified or pesticide-laden fruits has led to this situation. From poor diet to excessive consumption of certain items, the explanations are not always limited to one factor.

Nutritional control makes a difference

In addition to consulting a doctor who is able to understand your clinical condition, a dietitian or nutritionist can also assess which foods to avoid. Adapting to your dietary needs is important to ensuring that your health is always secure. Minimize the risk of future problems and start dealing with specific complaints as soon as possible.

Note whether your health condition has worsened or improved after eating any food, and there has been any adverse reaction, and write down all the details so that you do not forget when disclosing your opinion at the consultation.