May 31, 2023

“He almost dislocated his leg”; Gabigol scares the nation as he rehearses a show involving the ‘new’ Flamingo stand


Principe da Nassau felt the pain in the middle of the week and Nassau remembers the stakes after photos leaked

Agee / Thiago Ribeiro – Gabigol draws attention in training

Coach Jorge Sampaoli will soon have another chance to show his strength at Flamengo. The Argentine’s arrival in Rio was shrouded in expectations generated by the questionable work of his Portuguese predecessor. This is why the victory by power over Ñublense caused the incumbent leader to win the vote of confidence from the populace. However, in addition to the pluses, A remaining Libertadores concern emerged on Friday (21st)..

In a 2-0 match against the Chileans, Gabigol left the field complaining of some back pain and began to notice him during the week. The issue was soon clarified by those who follow on Maes Querido, He moves away Any possibility that the situation could actually become a problem. To prove that he’s actually okay with it, Gabriel takes to the field to train at Ninho do Urubu and a The strong feud with Marinho led to more topics on the web.

In a ball split between the two Mingao strikers, who were on opposite sides of the group exercise, the idol who scored goals in recent Libertadores titles was the target of criticism. Some fans even questioned the need for Gabi to give so much momentum in an off-the-cuff movement in training, showing fear for Marinho’s safety. Javea’s shirt image became number 10 The most controversial Since the beginning of 2023, mainly under the leadership of Vitor Pereira.

Agive / Thiago Ribeiro – Marinho fights the ball with Gabigol

Do you think Flamengo can be champions with Pedro and Gabigol up front?

Do you think Flamengo can be champions with Pedro and Gabigol up front?

Of course, we won trophies like that

Maybe it’s time to change that

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If before that Gabigol’s role was bigger with Dorival Junior, Renato Gaucho and Jorge Jesus, then this season the situation has changed a lot. Vitor Pereira has put top goalscorer on the bench on several occasions, which has affected the pace of goals the crowd has become accustomed to. Since then, Gabriel has been more prone to charges, which has increased demand with the attacker. Hope idol nigger rubro Assembled with Sampaoliwho has already chosen him to side with Pedro again and has already made his support for the star clear.

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