He cut the throat in front of the entrance of a club

ArrestationLa victim had the artery jugular trench. A suspect, accused of attempted murder, is behind bars

Il se fait trancher la gorge devant l’entrée d’un club

In Geneva, the assault in front of the night clubs multiply these last few months and worried about the safety specialists (our editions of yesterday). The “Tribune de Genève” has just become aware of new violence that took place at the beginning of the month. “My client was three minutes from death,” tells Me Robert Assaël. The lawyer geneva defends a 20 year old man who had the artery-jugular trench during the night of 5 to 6 September at The Perfume shop, a club located in the area of the Gravel pit at the Junction.

Two months in detention

According to our information, A., an accused person, at the age of twenty years, is found in locks. Challenging to have sliced the throat of the complainant, it is nevertheless accused of attempted murder. The Court of coercive measures ordered his provisional detention for two months.

At this stage of the proceedings, conducted by the prosecutor, Anne-Laure Huber, the versions of the protagonists differ, notably because of a context of a general dog fight. But the hearing this week, the elder brother of the victim can already see a little bit more clear. Alcoholic that night, the man, born 1990, is contacted by the complainant, who spent the evening in the Village in the Evening, at la Praille. His voice on the phone shakes. Frightened, he calls his big brother to help him explaining how he was attacked by a band of Pâquis or the Junction. Neither one nor two, his “protector” series has landed on place with friends. But the young man is not there. A fact that confirms a bouncer who denied him entry.

The passport of the suspect

He immediately reminds his brother, who, himself, went to the Gravel pit, not far from The Perfumery. It says that a group is waiting. Same player shoot again, his brother arrives on the scene with friends and finds that his brother is alone and that he has the face swollen. The group travels with him in front of The Perfumery. Probably to find the perpetrators. It is at this point, according to the big brother, an exchange of blows took place between the complainant and a young. For some odd reason. Then a general dog fight broke out. A brawl involving obviously friends of each other.

The brother, interviewed on 12 September, accusing then A. to have been a “blow ring” to the victim. In the heat of the action, the brother manages to seize the passport of the suspect. Quick to gather “evidence”, he does not, however, to remember all of the facts. He claims not to have seen if the accused had “something in hand or not” striking. He remembers, however, is a different man carrying a shard and was surprised at the passage not to see him in the courtroom this week. It is still the case that the victim, injured her neck, empty of blood. Neither one nor two, the young man is led by his brother and his friends at the hospital.

Heard, another defendant says that A. has not hit the victim. He even claimed to have seen him receive blows from several people. What is the version of A.? He explains to have made the queue in front of The Perfumery. He would have seen a girl being attacked by two individuals. Among them was, according to him, the complainant. A. said to have intervened to calm down the game. With success. A little later, he reviews the complainant with his friends towards a group and come to blows. Again, A. is said to have attempted to play the mediators. In vain this time. He says he even received blows from the group, without having administered. Really? To remove the many grey areas of this case, the prosecutor will still hear many of the protagonists of this evening bloody. It should be noted that A., a student at Geneva, has no criminal record. Contacted, his lawyer, Me Dimitri Tzortzis, declined to comment at this stage of the procedure.

Paralysis of the face

I Assaël, he reminds us that his client “has failed to be slain, coldly and without compunction. In three minutes, he was dead. He has undergone lengthy operations and should face even in the near future. It has one side of the face paralyzed, and the fear is that it keeps irreversible damage.” For the lawyer, this new aggression “demonstrates that, contrary to what some politicians try to make us believe, the gratuitous violence is increasing in Geneva. It is absolutely necessary to eradicate it by improved prevention, and that the young people learn that violence is not a mode of communication.”


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