December 3, 2023
"He got angry and made strong demands";  Mauro Cesar 'releases the dogs' by pointing out two culprits in the Flamengo lottery

“He got angry and made strong demands”; Mauro Cesar ‘releases the dogs’ by pointing out two culprits in the Flamengo lottery


The journalist did not remain silent after 2-2 against Juventud and criticized the Mais Querido duo

Photo: Reproduction/Jovim Ban - Mauro Cesar Pereira hasn't forgiven the Flamengo duo.
Photo: Reproduction/Jovim Ban – Mauro Cesar Pereira hasn’t forgiven the Flamengo duo.

a flamingo He entered the stadium last Wednesday (9), in front of Fanos Juventud, who scored only 26 goals in the Brazilian Championship and was the first to confirm his relegation this season. But the team led by Dorival Jr. did not perform well, leaving the opponent to respond after taking the lead, bringing a 2 to 2 draw and one point to Rio de Janeiro.

It is still clear that the main objectives have already been achieved, but the intention has always been to seek the best possible position in the National Competition, specifically to increase winnings in prizes and help plan for 2023. With this “bitter” result, Mais Querido can now reach a maximum of third place, which Corinthians currently occupy.

In the game, some athletes left something to be desired again, with performances that fell short of expectations and caused a lot of criticism, both from Flamengo and even from journalists. In this line, the file Journalist Mauro Cesar Pereira was upset and made strong demands for two of the specific names they hadstarting from wheelswhich still does not know if it will remain next year:

🇧🇷I rode on condition Juventud attack in a tie. Perhaps he is distracted, standing still, thinking about life. The value of the game is little, but this defect cannot be fixed. it’s the Hugo🇧🇷 Yes, again practically out of the way of the ball”journalist wrote, Already add also about the goalkeeperWhich did not have a prominent role:

🇧🇷Flamengo champion Libertadores and does not respect himself. But there are those who do not care. And Hugo, why do you insist on it? They can let Matthews Cunha play.”Commentator added. It is worth remembering that on social networks there are comments like “Just kick it, that’s a goal.” They were very seen, slamming Dorival’s shirt with a precision of 45.