February 5, 2023

“He still needs a lot of flour”; Xanddy celebrates his eldest son’s birthday with a photo that shows good figure and is getting attention on the web


Xanddy posted a fun photo next to his son, Victor Alexander, who just turned 19, as a result of his relationship with Carla Perez.

Xanddy and his son, Victor Alexander, who turned 19 this week
🇧🇷 reproduction / InstagramxanddyXanddy and his son, Victor Alexander, who turned 19 this week

Zandi, formerly Harmonia Does Samba, used his Instagram profile on Tuesday afternoon (20) to honor Victor Alexander, his son with dancer Carla Perez. Father and son showed good humor, put on matching clothes and showed off their thighs.

“Victor Alexander is 19 years old today. Does anyone tell him he still needs to eat a lot of flour?”, The artist joked, commenting on his post for the social network. “My son, today is a more special day, because on that date God presented us with a beautiful and blessed human being. A boy full of light and love,” the celebrity continued.

“My son, may the Lord Jesus bless you endlessly, keep you and always, always, always be your direction. I love you endlessly, younger than me. Happy birthday,” concluded the artist who is still the father of 20-year-old Camille Victoria, With Carla Perez🇧🇷 And in the comments, many netizens were surprised at how well the father and son looked: “Wow, what thighs!” someone said jokingly. Another said: “They are both beautiful.”

In October, Carla Perez and her husband teased fans by posting on their Instagram profile text about the relationship🇧🇷 On the same day they completed 23 years of marriage, the two suggested they reflect on the importance of the union. “23 years together, 21 married, here comes our zircon wedding. Marriage first is love, and it is a commitment that must be based on wisdom. It is a challenge that requires submission, respect and understanding,” the two said in a joint statement that was posted on social networks.